Iraq: 42 Killed, 90 Wounded in Attacks

Attacks across Iraq left at least 42 dead and 90 wounded. Most of the casualties occurred in Baghdad where bombers focused on police and Shi’ite targets.

Baghdad suffered a string of bomb and small arms attacks that left at least 30 dead and 88 others wounded. Eight suspects were also killed. In the worst blast, 14 people were killed when a suicide bomber drove his car into a Karrada police station. At about the same time in Hurriya, another suicide bomber struck a police checkpoint, where he killed nine people. A second bomb in Hurriya, this one planted by the roadside, targeted soldiers. Other bombings, perhaps unrelated, took place in Illam, Washash, and Suleikh. At least three other bombs were discovered before they exploded. Also, gunmen shot and wounded two policemen in the Jihad neighborhood and assassinated an army colonel who was sitting in his car in Amil.

Two Iraqi soldiers were killed in Mosul.

Gunmen in Tuz Khormato killed a civilian.

A suspect was killed in Riyadh when a joint U.S.-Iraqi force went to his home to arrest him. Three others were arrested.

Two soldiers were wounded during a blast south of Kirkuk.

A large car bomb was found and dismantled in Kut before it could explode.

Three rockets struck a military base near Amara.

One Iraqi soldier was killed and three more were wounded near Tikrit during a vehicular accident involving U.S. personnel.

Author: Margaret Griffis

Margaret Griffis is a journalist from Miami Beach, Florida and has been covering Iraqi casualties for since 2006.