Iraqi Violence Tapers: 20 Killed, 36 Wounded

The dust had barely settled after yesterday’s widespread violence when new attacks began to take place. At least 20 Iraqis were killed and 36 more were wounded. Security forces were again the focus, but the large-scale bombings in the south did not continue.

In Mosul, a blast in the Hatra district killed four policemen and wounded four more. Four people were wounded in a downtown grenade attack. A roadside bomb outside town killed two Iraqi soldiers when it exploded. A separate bomb killed a policeman and wounded three others. Eleven suspects were captured.

Shelling in Mussayab killed four policemen. Eight policemen were wounded during an accident that occurred as they were responding.

A family of three was found shot to death at their home in Suleimaniya.

In Kirkuk, gunmen killed a woman, and then wounded two policemen during their escape. Gunmen wounded a policeman at a checkpoint.

In Amiriyat, an alleged bombmaker was killed, along with two family members, as the bomb he was building exploded prematurely.

Gunmen attacked an official’s home in Buhriz, where they killed two of his sons.

Six policemen were wounded in Rawa when they encountered two bombs.

A bomb in Mualameen targeted a police officer’s convoy and wounded three people when it exploded.

In Baquba, a bomb wounded two civilians. Three policemen were wounded in another blast.

Seventeen suspects were arrested in Diyala province.

Ten suspects were arrested in Abu Ghraib.

A rocket attack took place at the air base in Butiera

Author: Margaret Griffis

Margaret Griffis is a journalist from Miami Beach, Florida and has been covering Iraqi casualties for since 2006.