Friday: 5 Iraqis Killed, 31 Wounded

Hundreds defied heavy rain to protest in Baghdad’s Tahrir Square and other Iraqi cities. While many were protesting corruption and poor services, some were demonstrating support for Bahraini protests. Meanwhile, at least five Iraqis were killed and 31 more wounded in new and previously reported incidents.

Authorities revealed that 15 prisoners were wounded in a previously reported riot at a prison in Baghdad yesterday. Separately, 16 rockets were seized in northern Baghdad.

In Mosul, a blast killed two civilians and wounded five more on a road frequented by police patrols. Police killed three gunmen during a clash.

A bomb at the home of a journalist in Ramadi left seven wounded.

Three people were wounded in a blast near a Falluja bank.

A roadside bomb seriously injured a doctor in Jalawla.

Two Kurdish journalists critical of the government survived assassination attempts on them in two cities in Iraqi Kurdistan.

Four suspects were arrested in connection with a rocket attack on bases near Diwaniya.

Also, two Iranian police were killed and three others were wounded during an attack in Iranian Kurdistan that will likely be blamed on the PJAK which operates bases on the Iraqi side of the border.

Author: Margaret Griffis

Margaret Griffis is a journalist from Miami Beach, Florida and has been covering Iraqi casualties for since 2006.