Wednesday: 1 Iraqi Killed, 31 Wounded

Unlike neighboring Iran, Iraq was fairly quiet on what is the 30th anniversary of the Iran-Iraq War. One Iraqi was killed and 31 others were wounded in new and updated reports of violence.

Sixteen more wounded were reported in yesterday’s bombing in Hamza, bringing the total to three dead and 56 wounded. The source of the explosion is being investigated.

In Baghdad, a bomb in Beirut Square wounded four people. Mortars in Karrada wounded two people.

In Mosul, a civilian was shot dead. A blast at a traffic policeman’s home wounded a child. A civilian was wounded in an explosion. Another blast left no casualties.

Police attempted to arrest a fellow policeman in Nasariya. When the suspect tried to escape, another policeman fired indiscriminately and wounded two female bystanders.

Two people were injured when an oil tanker exploded in Arbil. A booby-trapped motorcycle was defused.

Gunmen wounded a Sahwa member at a checkpoint in Jurf al-Sakhar.

A gunman was injured as he planting a bomb in Tal Afar.

In Qara Tapa, a farmer was wounded during a blast in his orchard.

A blast left no casualties in Hamam al-Aleel.

Gunmen blew up a home in Ayadiya, but no casualties were reported.

Eleven suspects were arrested in Hawija.

In Nimrod, 123 explosive devices were confiscated.

Intelligence sources reported that a number of foreign fighters were involved in recent clashes in al-Hadid.

At least 12 people were killed and scores more were wounded when a bomb exploded at a military parade marking the 30th anniversary of the Iran-Iraq War. No one has claimed responsibility yet, but the parade occurred in an ethnically Kurdish city and rebels could have been behind the attack.

Author: Margaret Griffis

Margaret Griffis is a journalist from Miami Beach, Florida and has been covering Iraqi casualties for since 2006.