Saturday: 1 Iraqi Killed, 8 Wounded

Light violence left at least one dead and eight wounded across Iraq. In one case the number of wounded is unknown, but at least three casualties were counted. U.S. forces also accidentally killed a tribal leader’s son. Meanwhile, voters are heavily divided ahead of the elections, but some Iraqis can still find humor in the colorful campaigns styles of some candidates. Also, the Accountability and Justice Commission will release evidence they used to bar candidates.

In Arbil, gunmen attacked election campaign offices, beating up several guards and an employee. The political contests are particularly heated in Iraqi Kurdistan, but detailed reports of casualties have been hard to come by. Ten arrest warrants were issued. At least one of the injured is a political activist.

U.S. forces killed a tribal chief’s son and wounded his wife in Kanaan. Villagers were responding to unknown intruders in the night, and the troops fired back.

In Baghdad, an I.E.D. wounded four people.

Gunmen targeted the home of a political candidate in Qaim, but they left no casualties.

Four suspects were arrested over involvement in recent bombings across Anbar province. Police will employ strict security measures ahead of the election.

Karbala police will deploy 1,000 policewomen along with another 15,000 male security personnel during an operation to protect polling centers.

Iraqi families struggle with the high rents and small supply of adequate housing.

Author: Margaret Griffis

Margaret Griffis is a journalist from Miami Beach, Florida and has been covering Iraqi casualties for since 2006.