Thursday: 13 Iraqis Killed, 18 Wounded

Updated at 7:05 p.m. EDT, Oct. 22, 2009

At least 13 Iraqis were killed and 18 more were wounded in small attacks across northern and central Iraq. In the U.S., a federal judge threw out a series of lawsuits stemming from a shootout that invovled Blackwater contractors; he will allow some to refile. Also, a second group of Kurdish peacemakers will descend on Turkey.

In Baghdad, a sticky bomb planted on a car in Ameriya killed the driver and wounded a passenger. Four people were wounded in a sticky bomb attack in Jisr Diyala.

In Mosul, a policeman and a gunman were killed during a clash. Three civilians were killed in separate incidents last night. Three civilians were wounded in an I.E.D. blast today. A policeman was killed in a separate explosion. Also, a former detainee shot his family and then himself, killing five and wounding three more.

A sticky bomb in Buhriz wounded a Sahwa official and his bodyguard.

In Kirkuk, gunmen killed a man last night. Kurdish forces arrested a man impersonating a police officer.

Two Iraqi soldiers were wounded in a small arms attack north of Baquba. A tribal dispute west of the city left three wounded.

Six al-Qaeda suspects who were released from Camp Bucca in July were re-arrested in Fallujah.

A Jordanian of Palestinian descent was captured in Rabeaa and confessed to planning a suicide attack.

Four suspects were captured and a bomb was defused in the Hamrim Mountains.

In Basra, 21 suspects were detained.

Twenty-two suspects were captured in Diyala province.

Twenty-one detainees were released from Ninewa province jails after investigations proved they were innocent.

Author: Margaret Griffis

Margaret Griffis is a journalist from Miami Beach, Florida and has been covering Iraqi casualties for since 2006.