Wednesday: 39 Iraqis Killed, 80 Wounded

Updated at 10:55 p.m. EDT, June 10, 2009

A rare car bombing at a marketplace in southern Iraq killed and wounded dozens of Iraq civilians. Although reports of large bombings can often mean an increase in reports from throughout Iraq, the rest of the country remained fairly quiet. Overall, at least 39 Iraqis were killed and 80 were wounded in these attacks. In an odd turn, five U.S. contractors accused of murdering a colleague will apparently be set free soon. Also, Turkey and Iraq have signed a military cooperation accord.

According to a hospital spokesman, 35 people were killed when a car bomb blasted a marketplace west if Nasariya in Bathaa; another source said as many as 71 people may have been wounded.  Many of the victims were women and children. One person was wounded when police fired in hopes of dispersing a crowd of demonstrators. Conflicting numbers often arise with large numbers of casualties.

The police chief was dismissed following the attack, and seven suspects were arrested. Although the area has seen major attacks in the past, Dhi Qar province has been quiet for some time. Thanks to the relative peace, it was the second province to have its security handed over to Iraqi control.

Five American suspects, arrested in connection with the death of a colleague last months, will be released later this week. An Iraqi judge has ruled that charges were not warranted in this case. Although they were asked about the murder, the men were told they were being held on weapons charges instead.

Two bombers were killed when the device they were planting blew up prematurely.

A bomb in Balad Ruz killed one Iraqi officer and three other personnel were wounded during an attack on their patrol.

In Mosul, sanitation workers found a bomb hidden in garbage near the home of the governor’s police escort; no one was hurt. Another bomber was caught planting explosives. A U.S. convoy fired upon a civilan car that then exploded. No casualties were reported when a bomb blasted another U.S. convoy. A body was discovered. A sniper wounded a policeman.

In Baghdad, four people were wounded when a mortar round fell on a Karrada mosque. A bomb factory was raided in Waziriya; several people were arrested.

A kidnapper is in custody after Kut police captured him and liberated his victim.

Seven men suspected of being members of the Islamic State in Iraq were arrested in Buhriz.

Five suspects were arrested in Baquba.

Jaish al-Naqshabandiya claimed responsibility for the downing of a U.S. drone in Kirkuk.

No injuries were reported despite two separate attacks on U.S. patrols in Amara.

Author: Margaret Griffis

Margaret Griffis is a journalist from Miami Beach, Florida and has been covering Iraqi casualties for since 2006.