Wednesday: 1 US Soldier, 29 Iraqis Killed; 126 Iraqis Wounded

Updated at 7:05 p.m. EDT, July 16, 2008

Mosul continues to suffer excessive violence compared to other regions. Most of today’s reported casualites were from the northern city. Overall, 29 Iraqis were killed and 126 more were injured. Also, a U.S. Marine was killed in combat in Anbar province. Meanwhile, the U.S. troop “surge” has officially ended with the last combat brigade leaving the country. This still leaves 150,000 American servicemembers in the country.

A car bomb killed 18 and wounded 90 at a market in Tal Afar. Seven children were among the dead.

In Mosul, two people were killed and nine more were wounded in a car bombing in the Doura al-Hamam area. A suicide car bomber targeting a U.S. patrol near Maared intersection wounded six Iraqis instead. A roadside bomb targeting a second U.S. patrol wounded two Iraqis near the Muthanna intersection. Gunmen killed an Iraqi soldier who was guarding a school. Also, mortars wounded another two Iraqis in a southeastern neighborhood.

Mosul is believed to be the last urban bastion of al-Qaeda operatives. After the surge in U.S. troops took place in Baghdad, many militants fled to Mosul. A security operation meant to rid the town of gunmen is still ongoing.

A roadside bomb wounded a member of an Awakening Council in Iskandariya. Gunmen killed two civilians.

In Baghdad, a female suicide bomber killed three people and wounded seven others at the home of an Abu Ghraib municipal leader who is trying to establish an Awakening Council. Four people were wounded during a roadside bombing in Salhiyah. In Ghazaliya, another roadside bomb wounded two people. A dumped body was found. Iraqi forces captured 26 suspects.

Gunmen in Hashimiya killed a child and wounded his brother.

In Basra, gunmen wounded a Shi’ite cleric and his driver when they attacked his vehicle.

US forces captured at least 23 suspects across Iraq.

Three wanted suspects were detained near Karbala. Three kidnapping gangs were also captured.

In Diyala, 72 innocent detainees were released.

A rocket was defused in Kut, and a number of weapons were seized.

Security of the province of Qadisiyah (formerly known as Diwaniya) was formally handed over to Iraqi forces today. A preventative curfew was lifted.

Kurdish lawmakers walked out of parliament in order to spoil a vote on election reform. At issue is a proposed referendum on allowing Kirkuk to join the semi-autonomous Kurdish region. The walkout left parliament without a quorum, so they were unable to vote on a provincial election law. Lately, residents of Kirkuk have staged demonstrations calling for the election to take place on time in October.

Author: Margaret Griffis

Margaret Griffis is a journalist from Miami Beach, Florida and has been covering Iraqi casualties for since 2006.