Monday: 64 Iraqis Killed, 15 Wounded

Updated at 12:30 a.m. EST, Dec. 4, 2007

At least 64 Iraqis were killed or found dead and 15 more were wounded in the latest round of violence. No Coalition casualties were reported. Also, a British report admitted that British troops were unable to make Basra safe.

A British parliamentary report admitted that British troops failed to make Basra safe. Despite a lack of regular news reports from the city, the report mentions that militias and corrupt police forces dominate the city. A lecturer at Basra University was shot dead at his home. Also, a middle school teacher was killed in front of his students.

Twelve bodies were found in a mass grave near Lake Tharthar, which has been the scene of several mass graves found over the last few weeks. The victims had been killed during a time period stretching back as far as 18 months ago. The only identified body belonged to a paramedic.

In Baghdad, gunmen killed a senior advisor and wounded his driver to the Interior Minister in Jamiya. Also, five dumped bodies were recovered.

Gunmen in Mosul attacked a police patrol. Four policemen and seven gunmen were killed during an ensuing clash. Two policemen were also wounded. U.S. troops provided support to the police force. Two dumped bodies were found in the al-Mithaq district.

A school headmaster was killed during a drive-by shooting in Samarra.

No casualties were reported after Georgian troops received a mortar attack at their base in Numaniya.

In Hawija, an Awakening council member and his driver were gunned down; their corpses were also set on fire.

A suicide car bomber killed three policemen and wounded a fourth at a Ramadi checkpoint.

In Riyadh, four policemen were killed during an ambush yesterday. Their bodies had been mutilated. A fifth soldier is still missing.

One Iraqi gunman was killed, along with two foreign fighters, and three Iraqi army soldiers were wounded during a raid near Tikrit.

Three policemen were wounded during a mortar attack in Kut.

Three bombs were defused in Shatt al-Arab.

Two gunmen were killed in Baiji.

In Baquba, a civilian was killed by mortar fire. Gunmen killed a civilian in a separate incident. In a nearby village, one policeman died and two were wounded during an armed attack.

Police and al-Qaeda suspects battled in Dwelah, two days after gunmen took over the city and killed 13 villagers.

Iraqi forces killed 13 suspects and arrested 94 in northern and central Iraq. The U.S. detained seven in Tarmiya. U.S. forces killed one suspect and wounded three at a checkpoint north of Baghdad.

Also, Muqtada al-Sadr hailed his followers for observing a ceasefire that has dramatically lowered violence in the war-torn country.


Compiled by Margaret Griffis

Author: Margaret Griffis

Margaret Griffis is a journalist from Miami Beach, Florida and has been covering Iraqi casualties for since 2006.