Saturday: 78 Iraqis Killed, 120 Wounded

Updated at 2:11 p.m. EST, Mar. 10, 2007

As world powers met in Baghdad to discuss stabilizing the country, they were greeted by a pair of mortars, which resulted in no injuries. Overall, at least 78 Iraqis were killed or found dead during violent acts and another 120 were wounded. Also, U.S. soldiers stand accused of gunning down a civilian family in Baghdad.

In Baghdad, a man and his two daughters were gunned down and his son were wounded shooting in which the man’s wife says that U.S. soldiers were involved; two more people were wounded in the incident which took place in the Adhamiyah neighborhood. At least 20 were killed and 48 more wounded when a suicide car bomber struck at the entrance to Sadr City. Gunmen killed two and wounded four in a separate entrance near Sadr City.

Also in the capital, 34 bodies were discovered. In the Kadhamiya district, a Katyusha rocket killed one Arbain pilgrim and wounded five more. A suicide bomber in the Jamia area killed one soldier and wounded two more. A roadside bomb in central Baghdad killed one and wounded three others. Another roadside bomb wounded two Iraqi soldiers in the Yarmouk district. Gunmen killed one policeman and wounded two others in the Abu Graib area. Two pilgrims were gunned down in eastern Baghdad. Also, the blast from a pair of possible mortars rocked a building in which world powers are meeting to discuss stabilizing Iraq.

In Latifiya, one Arbain pilgrim was killed and three more wounded.

A rocket killed three and wounded 47 more at bus station in a Kurdish district of Kirkuk. A man was abducted in a separate incident.

U.S. forces killed one gunmen and arrested 18 more in Taji.

Three policemen were killed and one injured during a roadside bomb attack in Ramadi.

Two dumped bodies were found in Mahmudiya.

Two policemen were killed in al-Haqlaniya when a roadside bomb blasted their vehicle.

In other developments, Iraqi militants are threatening to kill two German citizens if Germany does not remove its troops from Afghanistan. Two people were killed and 14 injured during Arbain observances stampedes in Karbala. Also, numerous militiamen were detained in Ramadi and Baghdad, while 13 detainees were released in Hit.


Compiled by Margaret Griffis


Author: Margaret Griffis

Margaret Griffis is a journalist from Miami Beach, Florida and has been covering Iraqi casualties for since 2006.