Sunday: 148 Iraqis, 5 GIs Killed; 58 Iraqis, 7 Brits, 2 GIs Wounded

Updated at 1:00 a.m. EST, Nov. 27, 2006

Although violence was light in the capital, at least 148 Iraqis were killed or found dead today and another 58 were wounded during violent acts there and throughout Iraq. Five more American servicemembers were reported dead. Two American and seven British soldiers were wounded in separate events. Also, Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki’s motorcade was stoned while traveling through Sadr City. No casualties were reported there.

Early Monday morning the Pentagon reported the combat deaths of three soldiers. On Sunday military authorities reported that an American soldier was killed and two other soldiers were wounded in a roadside bomb attack in Diyala province Saturday. A second Marine was killed in Anbar on Saturday; the first Marine death had already been reported yesterday. Seven British soldiers were wounded when militiamen launched rockets at their base.

American forces aided the Abu Soda tribe who came under attack from suspected al Qaeda forces in Anbar province. The Anbar Salvation Council, a group of participating tribes, reported that tribal fighters had also raided an al Qaeda stronghold. Sixty-four people were killed, including nine of the tribal fighters.

U.S forces also killed four militiamen with suspected links to al Qaeda in Baquba. No casualties were reported in Baghdad when U.S. forces aided guards working for a Sunni politician in repelling gunmen.

Although Baghdad remains under a car curfew until tomorrow, light violence continued in the capital: A U.S. military post burned for several hours following a mortar attack, but no casualties were reported. Mortars also fell near the home of a prominent Iraqi parliamentarian. No injuries were reported there; however, two people were wounded by mortar fire in southern Baghdad. Two people were killed and two injured when mortars fells in the Karrada neighborhood. In the Mashtal area, four more were injured by mortars, and at least six were wounded in Talibiya. At least five other people were killed in other incidents, and one body was found in the Tigris River.

In Baquba, 25 dumped bodies were found with gunshot wounds to the head; seven of the dead were teenagers. Fighting resumed between militia and police on Sunday. Eleven militiamen were killed during those clashes.

The Imam of the Al-Ma’moun mosque in Zameila was shot dead.

Twenty-five men were kidnapped from the small town of Kanaan late Saturday. No word on their fate.

In Wajeiya, gunmen killed a local council member and wounded three others.

Eleven bodies were discovered in Haqlaniya. The one youth and ten men were shot dead.

At least eight were killed and 28 injured when a car bomb exploded in a crowded market in Iskandiriya.

Gunmen attacked at car at a junction in central Basra, killing three men and one woman.

Two people were killed and eight wounded during clashes between militia and police in Aziziya.

In Mahaweel, two town council members were dragged from their car and shot dead.

Gunmen killed a woman who worked for Iraqiya state television outside her home in Mosul. Five students were injured by falling mortar rounds near the technical school.

The body of a kidnapped truck driver was recovered in Kirkuk.

A policeman and four civilians were killed when a bomb exploded at a police checkpoint in southern Iraq.

Also, a detainee at Camp Bucca died from apparently natural causes while in custody of Coalition forces.

Compiled by Margaret Griffis

Author: Margaret Griffis

Margaret Griffis is a journalist from Miami Beach, Florida and has been covering Iraqi casualties for since 2006.