Thursday: 8 GIs, 60 Iraqis Killed; 98 Iraqis Injured

Updated at 12:40 a.m. EST, Nov. 3, 2006

The November tally of U.S. military deaths has quickly risen to eleven. Eight servicemembers were reported killed today and another two were added to yesterday’s count. Also, several prominent Iraqis and members of their families were assassinated in different parts of the country. They are among the at least 60 known Iraqi dead. Another 98 Iraqis have also been wounded in ongoing violence and three Iraqis were reported missing.

In US. military deaths: Three Marines were killed in Anbar Province. Another Marine died from "injuries sustained due to enemy action," also in Anbar Province. In a separate incident which occurred at approximately 2:15 p.m. local time, an "improvised explosive device" blasted and killed three U.S. soldiers driving through eastern Baghdad. North of Baghdad a Multi-National Division soldier died, but in a non-combat related incident. The Department of Defense also released details about two previously unreported deaths. Lance Cpl. Minhee Kim and Cpl. Gary A. Koehler who were both killed by enemy fire yesterday in the volitile Anbar Province.

Among the prominent Iraqis killed, gunmen shot dead Dr. Jassem Mohammad al Asadi, the dean of Business Administration at the University of Baghdad; his wife and son were also killed in the indident which took place near the college in the al-Waziriya area of the capital. In Baquba, gunmen assassinated criminal court Judge Tariq Abid Ali and his son. In a separate incident, a member of the Islamic Party, Hamid Naama, and his three-year-old daughter were assassinated during a home invasion in Hillah.

The violence in Baghdad continues apace: In a Sadr City marketplace, a motorcycle bomb killed seven and wounded 45 others. A bomb in the al-Gadeedah district market killed two Iraqis and wounded 22 more people. In central Baghdad, gunmen killed three policemen and injured two others. Two were killed and five wounded when mortars landed on a Shi’ite mosque in a northern suburb. Mortars also fell in the Rahmaniya neighborhood, killing two and wounding four. Two bound, blindfolded bodies bearing gunshot wounds were found. Gunmen opened fire on a primary school in a southern neighborhood, wounding the principal and three students. A bakery in west Baghdad was the scene of a separate attack in which gunmen shot dead two people and wounded two others.

In Kirkuk, gunmen shot dead an oil security policman. In a separate incident, gunmen stormed a pharmacy and killed a female pharmacist. Elsewhere, a sniper wounded a policeman near headquarters.

A mortar landed on a house, killing two people and injuring seven others in Mosul.

In Baquba at least 12 people were killed in separate incidents: Two policemen and two others who were wounded when gunmen attacked a police patrol. Outside the city, gunmen set up a fake checkpoint; two fuel truck drivers were killed and three other people were kidnapped.

A car bomb placed in a Mahmudiya marketplace killed a man and wounded four others. Four blindfolded bodies were found elsewhere in town.

Three bound bodies were discovered in Yusufiya.

In Tal Afar, four suspected militiamen were killed and another ten were arrested.

An off-duty policeman was killed in Fallujah. Then, U.S. forces killed the three gunmen involved.


Compiled by Margaret Griffis

Author: Margaret Griffis

Margaret Griffis is a journalist from Miami Beach, Florida and has been covering Iraqi casualties for since 2006.