Sri Lankan Govt. Rebukes Tamil ‘Propaganda Machine’

UNITED NATIONS – The Sri Lankan government, which has come under heavy fire for the massive humanitarian crisis in the country’s war zone, is winning the 25-year-old military conflict but is on the verge of losing the propaganda war overseas. "It is a very stressful time here," said Sri Lanka’s Foreign Secretary Palitha Kohona, a … Continue reading “Sri Lankan Govt. Rebukes Tamil ‘Propaganda Machine’”

Obama Considers Revamping Military Trials

Reports circulating in Washington suggest that President Barack Obama may try to revive the military commission system for prosecuting Guantánamo detainees, which Obama himself criticized during the administration of his predecessor, former president George W. Bush. While some detainees would be tried in federal courts, administration lawyers are reportedly concerned that some terrorism suspects could … Continue reading “Obama Considers Revamping Military Trials”