Palestinian Officials Unimpressed With Netanyahu’s Offer

RAMALLAH – Yasser Abed Rabbo, secretary of the Palestine Liberation Organization’s executive committee, and a close confidant of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, has dismissed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s foreign policy speech Sunday night as a big zero. Abed Rabbo said the speech was empty of content, and pointless. "Netanyahu is a swindler … … Continue reading “Palestinian Officials Unimpressed With Netanyahu’s Offer”

Good Speech. Will Anything Come of It?

U.S. President Barack Obama’s eloquent Cairo speech was distinguished by the quality of his previous major speeches, that of speaking as an adult to adults. He promised to say what he thought, and did so on all of the topics he addressed. He was not a comfortable guest for the Egyptian government, although a courteous … Continue reading “Good Speech. Will Anything Come of It?”

Abbas Visit Comes as US-Israeli Tensions Mount

U.S. President Barack Obama’s first meeting on Thursday with Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas was less remarkable for the actual talks between the two leaders than it was for the changed Washington political climate in which it took place. The meeting between Obama and Abbas seemed to contain no real surprises, as both leaders … Continue reading “Abbas Visit Comes as US-Israeli Tensions Mount”

Will Netanyahu Give Up Settlements to Gain Support Against Iran?

JERUSALEM – The tremors of Monday’s North Korean nuclear test have been felt all around the world, no more so in a country seemingly not directly affected by whether or not North Korea is a full-fledged nuclear power. In Israel, there is deep concern, an existential fear even – over the implications that Iran will … Continue reading “Will Netanyahu Give Up Settlements to Gain Support Against Iran?”