Tuesday: 5 Iraqis Killed, 12 Wounded

Updated at 5:39 p.m. EDT, May 19, 2009 At least five Iraqis were killed and 12 more were wounded in today’s violence. Meanwhile, a second Sunni leader was arrested in Diyala province, prompting critics to wonder openly if a security operation there is really a harassment campaign against Awakening Council (Sahwa) members and other Sunni leaders. Also, the Swedish Minister for Migration and Asylum Policy Tobias Billstrom spoke with Jordanian Interior Minister Saud al-Qadi on the 500,000 Iraqi refugees living in Jordan.

Thursday: 1 US Soldier, 8 Iraqis Killed; 14 Iraqis Wounded

Updated at 6:47 p.m. EDT, May 14, 2009 What appears to be a series of targeted assassinations continues in Baghdad with attacks on Sunni Endowment members and newspaper employees. Awakening Council (Sahwa) fighters also saw attacks on them elsewhere. Overall, at least eight Iraqis were killed and 14 more were wounded. One U.S. soldier was killed in combat today, and more background information on U.S. soldiers killed in a fragging incident on Monday was released.

Sunday: 10 Iraqis Killed, 72 Wounded

Updated at 6:35 p.m. EDT, Mar. 29, 2009 At least 10 Iraqis were killed and 72 more were wounded, mostly in bomb blasts across the country. Rioting and arrests continued in Baghdad’s Fadhil neighborhood. No Coalition deaths were reported, but British troops are on a general suicide watch even though they have begun their drawdown. Also, a U.N. report is expected to suggest a number of power-sharing options for the multi-ethnic, oil-rich Kirkuk province.