Three Cheers for the War Dividend

[Note to TomDispatch readers: I’ll be on the road for the next week with limited e-mail access. I may not be answering letters and requests. Be patient. For those of you living in the Santa Fe, New Mexico, area, this Wednesday night (Oct. 21) at 7 p.m. at the Lensic Performing Arts Center I’ll be … Continue reading “Three Cheers for the War Dividend”

Dianne Feinstein: War Profiteer

President Barack Obama barely had time to graciously note his unworthiness of the Nobel Peace Prize before it was time to duck back into the Situation Room for a meeting with his advisers about how to win the war in Afghanistan. The irony of this is underscored by the apparent willingness of the administration to … Continue reading “Dianne Feinstein: War Profiteer”

Will Obama Veto Pork, or Enable It?

On Aug. 17 at the Veterans of Foreign Wars in Phoenix, President Barack Obama gave waste and pork in the defense budget a thorough tongue-lashing. It was well said, but also a little pathetic if you consider what the porkers in Congress are up to. The words flew high: Obama promised an end to “the … Continue reading “Will Obama Veto Pork, or Enable It?”

Obama Wins Big Victory on Defense

In a signal victory for President Barack Obama and Defense Secretary Robert Gates, the U.S. Senate voted Tuesday evening to end production of an advanced fighter jet that many independent military analysts have long considered a wasteful boondoggle. The 58-40 vote to delete 1.75 billion dollars in funding to order seven more F-22 "Raptor" jet … Continue reading “Obama Wins Big Victory on Defense”

‘The Responsible Left’: Funding Obama’s Expanding Wars

Over the past few days, we reported on how the White House and Democratic Congressional Leadership waged a dirty campaign to scare up votes to support another $106 billion in funds for their wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Now, several of the so-called anti-war Democrats who left their principles at the House coat check … Continue reading “‘The Responsible Left’: Funding Obama’s Expanding Wars”