Interventionists Target Libya

Outside of an asylum, is there anybody nuttier than Moammar Qadaffy? Well, yes: Marc Lynch, associate professor of political science and international affairs at George Washington University – and non-resident smarty-pants at the Center for a New American Hegemony Security – who blogs at, where he writes: “The unfolding situation in Libya has been … Continue reading “Interventionists Target Libya”

Blaming Obama

The biggest obstacle to the success of the antiwar movement right now is the Obama cult – the fealty of his followers and well-wishers who want to give him the benefit of every doubt, and yet wonder why our foreign policy of perpetual war continues, virtually unchanged. After all, he seemed like he represented “change,” … Continue reading “Blaming Obama”

No Tears Needed Over the Demise of the US Empire

In a recent column, Thomas Friedman, probably the most influential “internationalist” – read: proponent of U.S. interventionism in faraway places – has finally discovered that the United States must soon turn inward and put domestic economic growth first because of its massive public debt, huge federal budget deficit, and looming fiscal crisis caused by a … Continue reading “No Tears Needed Over the Demise of the US Empire”

Hail Christopher Preble

The Power Problem: How American Military Dominance Makes Us Less Safe, Less Prosperous, and Less Free Christopher Preble Cornell University Press, 2009 Although there has always been some animosity between some and some Cato Institute people, I don’t share in that animosity. Is either organization perfect? No. Welcome to reality. But both organizations are … Continue reading “Hail Christopher Preble”

Intervention Today Means a Less Secure Tomorrow

A once-fashionable subject in America’s think-tanks was futurology, supposed to be a fruitful method for foreseeing the future (or "possible futures," as it was put at the time). It worked by projecting what were thought to be plausible developments in the situation of a given subject by way of a narrative that would lead to … Continue reading “Intervention Today Means a Less Secure Tomorrow”