Hidden Bombs Hit Libyans

CAIRO — The conflict in Libya between pro- and anti-Gadhafi forces will continue to take its toll on communities long after the war has ended as long as hidden bombs remain scattered across public areas. Fifteen-year-old Misrata resident Mohammed lost most of his left hand and sustained shrapnel injuries to his abdomen in April after … Continue reading “Hidden Bombs Hit Libyans”

For Cluster Bomb Survivors, War Far From Over

VIENTIANE, Laos – Eighteen-year-old Phongsavath Manithong rubbed his eyes with the back of his arms as he described how his life changed forever. He was not even born yet when U.S. military pilots dropped millions of tiny explosives onto Laos. But almost four decades after war ended for this South-east Asian nation, it is people … Continue reading “For Cluster Bomb Survivors, War Far From Over”

Cluster Munitions Treaty Leaves US Behind

BANGKOK – A campaign to rid the world of cluster munitions has still to rope in the U.S. government, a major producer and stockpiler of the deadly payload, on the eve of a key global conference in Laos to ban its production and use. The mixed messages that Washington has been sending are expected to … Continue reading “Cluster Munitions Treaty Leaves US Behind”

Laos Takes Center Stage in Cluster Bombs Treaty

BANGKOK – After being relegated to the shadows for decades by its more powerful neighbors, Laos is finally taking the lead role in a global campaign to ban the use of cluster bombs. It is a role that the poverty-stricken South-east Asian nation of 6.3 million people easily qualifies for. After all, it is the … Continue reading “Laos Takes Center Stage in Cluster Bombs Treaty”

Long-Awaited Cluster Bomb Ban Enters Into Force

Thirty-eight countries will start observing the Convention on Cluster Munitions this Sunday, Aug. 1, after a rapid entry into force since the treaty was announced two years ago in Oslo. "This new instrument is a major advance for the global disarmament and humanitarian agendas, and will help us to counter the widespread insecurity and suffering … Continue reading “Long-Awaited Cluster Bomb Ban Enters Into Force”