Between Libya and the Deep Blue Sea

RAS AJDIR, Tunisia — NATO’s five-month bombing campaign in Libya, run under the guise of protecting civilians, is also killing victims fleeing the conflict, directly and indirectly. Since the start of Libya’s Arab Spring and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) air campaign against Muammar Gadhafi’s regime, more than 1,800 men, women, and children have … Continue reading “Between Libya and the Deep Blue Sea”

Hidden Bombs Hit Libyans

CAIRO — The conflict in Libya between pro- and anti-Gadhafi forces will continue to take its toll on communities long after the war has ended as long as hidden bombs remain scattered across public areas. Fifteen-year-old Misrata resident Mohammed lost most of his left hand and sustained shrapnel injuries to his abdomen in April after … Continue reading “Hidden Bombs Hit Libyans”

Experts Warn of Balkanization of Libya

CAIRO—As the battle for Libya rages on—with the country’s economic heartland, Misrata, being the scene of some of the uprising’s fiercest fighting—experts are warning that a “Balkanization” of Libya is possible if the U.S. and NATO opt to exploit loopholes in U.N. Resolution 1973 by arming the opposition. In the region, “Muammar Gadhafi was advocating … Continue reading “Experts Warn of Balkanization of Libya”

Libyan Choice: Starve or Run

CAIRO – Rights groups have condemned the indiscriminate attacks on residential areas in Misrata, that have worsened an already dire situation. Libya’s third-largest city Misrata has been a major battleground between pro and anti-Gadhafi forces to secure control over this major Western Libyan port, which not only connects Tripoli with Gadhafi’s home town Surt but … Continue reading “Libyan Choice: Starve or Run”