Unmasking the Ugly ‘Anti-American’

Strong critics of U.S. foreign policy often encounter charges of "anti-Americanism." Even though vast numbers of people in the United States disagree with Washington’s assumptions and military actions, some pundits can’t resist grabbing onto a timeworn handle of pseudo-patriotic demagoguery. In a typical outburst before the war on Iraq last spring, Rush Limbaugh told his … Continue reading “Unmasking the Ugly ‘Anti-American’”

‘Wesley & Me’: A Real-Life Docudrama

Here’s the real-life plot: A famous documentary filmmaker puts out a letter to a retired four-star general urging him to run for president. The essay quickly zooms through cyberspace and causes a big stir. For Michael Moore, the reaction is gratifying. Three days later, he thanks readers "for the astounding response to the Wesley Clark … Continue reading “‘Wesley & Me’: A Real-Life Docudrama”