Other Side of an Ugly Story

I have followed with great interest the events in Kosovo this past year and I was particularly intrigued by both accounts written by Officer Vincent duCellier that were published in the Washington Times. Officer duCellier, a former Maryland police officer, has selflessly volunteered his time and separation from his family to command the prison in … Continue reading “Other Side of an Ugly Story”

‘Srebrenica’– Code Word to Silence Critics of US Policy in the Balkans

The Bosnian Serb military stands accused of committing some of the worst human rights crimes since World War II during and following the battle for Srebrenica in 1995. HOLOCAUST! GENOCIDE! ETHNIC CLEANSING! Claims of 7,000 (or 8,000, or 10,000, or whatever figure is needed to elicit the desired response) Muslim men and boys slaughtered and … Continue reading “‘Srebrenica’– Code Word to Silence Critics of US Policy in the Balkans”

From Camp Swampy to Camp Bondsteel!

A friend asked the following question: "James Rubin admits that the US considered the Kosovo Liberation Army and the Bosnian Muslims ‘allies’ . . . Why? What motive does the US have for picking these bums as pals?" A review of authoritative sources on this subject makes the answer quite obvious. At the beginning of … Continue reading “From Camp Swampy to Camp Bondsteel!”