Where Did We the People Go?

The “P5+1” agreement with Iran basically mothballs the latter’s nuclear power activities for at least ten years.   Israel and its American loyalists, however, have ordered Congress to wreck the deal.  

Congress must obey Israel’s orders.  It’s right there in the Constitution – or, at least, in the version AIPAC must be handing out to newly elected Congressmen: “We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the State of Israel…..do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

Before Congress destroys the “Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action,” the reality-based community among “the People” should consider the following points.  

First, the deal does not eliminate an existential threat to the US.  It does not even eliminate a non-existential threat. 

So isn’t it a bad deal?  Not at all.  Why?  Because there isn’t any threat.  There never was.   Not to Israel.  Not to the US.  Not to anybody.  Except Iran.  The Jewish and Democratic State has used the nonexistent existential threat to threaten Iran with Armageddon on a routine basis for the past decade.     

The Iranian “nuclear weapons program” has been a hoax  from day one.   The Islamic Republic never had a nuclear bomb program.  

Remember how the story started.  In 2002, an outlaw cult of dissident Iranian crazies, the MEK, then listed by the US State Department as a terrorist organization, announced that Iran was constructing two nuclear fuel processing facilities.  Iran, a signatory to the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty, had every right to build them and no obligation to report them at such an early stage.  US intelligence, moreover, had known all about them.  At that time, however, the Bush/Cheney neocons were in full reality-creating mode.  On their days off from cooking up bogus Iraqi WMD “intelligence,” they pushed the fraud that Iran’s “deception” meant it must be hiding a nuclear weapons program.

By relentless pounding, the Iraniphobes hammered the Big Lie of an Iranian nuclear weapons program into generally accepted “fact.” 

The Western world has since spent thirteen years obsessed with a chimera, every now and then nearly exploding into World War III.  To this day, Americans by an overwhelming majority tell pollsters that they believe “that the development of nuclear weapons by Iran is a critical threat to the vital interests of the US.”  

Here, truly, is a tale told by idiots, full of sound and fury.

Second, it does not matter whether Zionist mob boss Ben Netanyahu and America’s Israeli fifth column are right about the agreement – that the restrictions on Iran are porous as a sieve. There’s nothing to catch.  Besides, it wouldn’t matter what Iran agreed to do.  Iran could agree to let a million IAEA inspectors crawl all over the country day and night, able to go anywhere at any time without notice.  Israel and its fluffers in Congress would still reject it.  Short of restoring the Peacock Throne, no “deal” could ever be good enough.  

The Zionists do not want a deal.  They want war on Iran, financed and fought by the US. 

Third, just as there has never been any Iranian bomb program, the US government’s hostility toward Iran has not done Americans any good.  On the contrary, that enmity has not only brought the US dangerously close to a catastrophic war based on a mirage, but has poisoned the prospects for the obvious economic, cultural, and geopolitical benefits from restoring full relations with Iran.  From the beginning, however, US policy makers used the bomb program hoax to promote an Israeli agenda, in treasonous degradation of the “common defense” and “general Welfare” of “the People.”

From almost all points on the US political spectrum, the merits of the “Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action” turn on its impact and implications for Israel.  If there ever could have been any doubt about that, there can be no more.  Listen to any politician or look at any media coverage about the agreement.   The issues are defined by Israeli interests.  The “debate” is whether the deal is good or bad for Israel.  For the “pro” deal faction, the agreement’s removal of the “existential threat” to Israel is its marquee attraction.  For the “anti” deal side, well, all we need to know is that the deal “will take the Israelis and march them to the door of the oven.”  The media attention, moreover, is dominated by the voices of Israelis and American Zionists and their apologists.  Despite occasional lip service to “American interests,” none of the participants in the “national discussion” explain how the agreement solves or does not solve specific US problems or implicates specific US interests.  That’s because it doesn’t.  That’s because there aren’t any! Indeed, the only specific “US interest” ever mentioned – repeatedly, by both sides of the argument – is protecting the Jewish state.  

The Obama administration’s supplications for approval of the agreement from Israel and major US Jewish leadership groups prove who the real audience has been for all these years warmongering.  The Executive is also trying to bribe the Zionists to ease off the pressure on Congress to kill the deal.  The administration is promising Israel billions more of American dollars in military aid.  It has agreed to eat shit by releasing the traitor Jonathan Pollard, serving a life sentence for selling top secret military information to Israel and causing “greater harm to the national security” than then Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger could imagine.  The President’s desperate, dog-like groveling for some miserable scrap of Zionist acceptance should make Americans retch with the realization that the Iranian nuclear bomb saga has had nothing to do with their security.  

Fourth, contrary to the speechifying and media accounts, “lifting” economic sanctions will not “give” Iran any financial “windfall.”   The deal will “give” Iran nothing.  The West has coerced Iran to accept severe restrictions on its explicit rights to peaceful nuclear development under the NPT as a condition of partial restoration of over $100 billion of Iran’s own financial assets stolen (euphemistically, “frozen”) by the US Treasury over the years.  Extracting the cession of legal rights in exchange for a partial return of the victim’s stolen property is not giving a “gift” or “windfall.”   It is extortion and racketeering. 

In any event, as Israeli loyalists in the Congress made clear, the Iranians, the perennial “leading state sponsor of terrorism in the world,” “fleeced” and “bamboozled” Secretary of State John Kerry into handing Iran this “windfall,” which they claim Iran will use to further finance all that terror.  But, once again, when it comes to specifics, “we the People” are nowhere to be found.  How much money has Iran spent either before or after the “sanctions” on terror against the United States? (Silence.) Who are the only “terrorists” these US solons ever identify?  Hamas and Hezbollah – resistance groups that have never committed any “terrorism” against the US.  And the only nation ever targeted by these “terrorists?” The State of Israel, of course.   

The deal’s forward-thinking defenders, moreover, are no better than its Zionist antagonists.  The former argue that “Iran’s government will pump most of an expected $100-billion windfall from the lifting of international sanctions into the country’s flagging economy and won’t significantly boost funding for militant groups it supports in the Middle East.”  Maybe.  Who knows?  It’s Iran’s money to do with as it wishes.  But if Iran declared today that it would invest every penny of the “windfall” in Hamas and Hezbollah resistance to Israeli colonialism, would that be just cause for “we the People” to make war with Iran?          

Finally, the tale of Iranian nuclear weapons programs may be all sound and fury, but it does not signify nothing.  It is, and has always been, about Israel’s desire to bulldoze the only roadblock to expropriation of all of “Eretz Israel” – that is, all of Palestine – cleansed of Palestinians.  Iran, the roadblock, has provided indispensable military and financial support to those resisting Israel’s campaign of manifest destiny.  A long time ago, Israel came to the conclusion that it had to get rid of the Mullahs to fulfill its Zionist dreams.  Even with its massive “qualitative” military superiority (thanks to the donations of the US taxpayer), however, Israel on its own cannot effect “regime change” in Iran, much less destroy the Islamic Republic.  What better way to accomplish its ends than exploiting its own “unshakable and unbreakable” bonds with Washington, DC? 

The bomb myth has done yeoman’s service as provocation and pretext for US intervention against Iran as Israel’s attack dog.   It almost worked – and it may very well still. It may all depend on whether there are 34 United States Senators who, for once, put aside the duty they believe they owe to a foreign nation, and cast a vote for “We the People of the United States…to secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity” – and leave the Israelis to work out their own problems, real and imagined, for themselves.

Peter Casey is a lawyer living in New Hampshire.

Author: Peter Casey

Peter Casey lives in New Hampshire.