David Horowitz Rewrites the Past

An American Jew, David Horowitz, wrote a 5,000-word article "proving" that "…Israel Is The Victim And The Arabs Are The Indefensible Aggressors In the Middle East." I always enjoy reading the work of an American Jew who defines himself as non-Zionist, but who is nevertheless ready to sacrifice my life in his hatred towards Arabs. … Continue reading “David Horowitz Rewrites the Past”

The War Against the Saudis

Washington is all atwitter over what appears to be a sea-change on the foreign policy front: evidence of a developing rift between the US and Saudi Arabia, its most loyal Arab ally. Since World War II, Washington and the House of Saud have enjoyed a lucrative and seemingly permanent alliance, in which the former provided … Continue reading “The War Against the Saudis”

Nation-building or…

I distinctly remember President Bush, when the war – or the bombing campaign, depending on how much of a stickler you are for constitutionally-declared wars and other anachronisms – was just beginning, promising quite specifically that the United States wasn’t going to get involved in "nation-building" in Afghanistan. No, no, we had learned our lessons … Continue reading “Nation-building or…”

Gucci Goes To War

Manacled, hooded, and shorn of their beards, Afghan captives are dragged to Guantanamo behind the chariots of the conquering Americans. The pundits and the court intellectuals salute the victor – "Hail Caesar!" – while the US avers that these are not prisoners of war, but "illegal combatants" – since anyone who raises their hand to … Continue reading “Gucci Goes To War”

Room for Growth

Premier Zhu Rongji’s trip through India has produced the statements of cooperation and mutual development that every trip by any Chinese politician to any foreign country routinely elicits. More often than not, these statements do result in increased cooperation in tourism and trade. The difference with India is that the fractious democracy is the other … Continue reading “Room for Growth”

Manufacturing Dissent

Noam Chomsky – the mere mention of his name drives the War Party wild. The voluble rightist David Horowitz has written himself into a frothy-mouthed frenzy denouncing "Mullah" Chomsky, and the web-artists over at Frontpagemag.com have had a field day fitting poor Noam with turbans and running screaming headlines about the "Ayatollah of the Left." … Continue reading “Manufacturing Dissent”

The Warbloggers

They are the mutant offspring of Virginia Postrel, Andrew Sullivan, and Ariel Sharon: meet the "warbloggers," internet mavens who see themselves as the trendiest of the trendy, the vanguard of the chattering classes, whose little "weblogs" (i.e. diaries) are supposed to be The Latest Thing. Many of them claim to be libertarians, and, simultaneously, they … Continue reading “The Warbloggers”

Naming the Beast

The French judge who has worked for seven apparently frustrating years trying to prove a persistent and sizable pattern of corruption by French President Jacques Chirac has resigned in frustration and given a blistering interview to the newspaper Le Parisien. Judge Eric Halphen says that the French justice system works only on behalf of the … Continue reading “Naming the Beast”

The Vanishing Imam

Amid the proclamations of a great and glorious victory by the pro-war pundits – and their smugly triumphant braying that opponents of this war were dead wrong about the "Afghan quagmire" – Reul Marc Gerecht injects a note of realism into the discussion by noting that the apparent failure to kill or capture Bin Laden … Continue reading “The Vanishing Imam”