Tracking the War

Back in the bad old days academics and spooks called "Kremlinologists" worked assiduously to try to decipher the meanings and intentions of cryptic statements and portents from the central governing institutions of the secretive and security-minded masters of the Soviet Union. Although the attempts to predict what the Kremlin might do next were often backed … Continue reading “Tracking the War”


When is American foreign policy going to start putting America first? The US had nothing to gain, and everything to lose, by vetoing a UN resolution condemning violence on all sides in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The resolution condemned terrorism, no matter what the source, called for the creation of a "monitoring mechanism" to prevent violence, … Continue reading “9/11 – WHAT WAS ISRAEL’S ROLE?”

Secret Trials Endanger Security

Why are the Bill of Rights, open trials, the rule of law, and the traditional American rules of evidence important? Two reasons: If an innocent person is convicted and punished, it’s an injustice to that person – and the Founding Fathers were determined that Americans wouldn’t suffer the injustices that had oppressed so many innocent … Continue reading “Secret Trials Endanger Security”

Who Let the Dogs Out?

‘MODERN’ BUT NOT LIBERAL The dogs referred to above are, of course, the dogs of war. More to the point, they are the dogs of unlimited state "sovereignty," a topic on which we lately touched from the standpoint of John Taylor of Caroline. Without the notion of sovereignty, as understood in Europe anyway, it might … Continue reading “Who Let the Dogs Out?”


I couldn’t help but laugh as I read the following entry in Andrew Sullivan’s weblog: "People ask why Americans tend to sympathize more with Israelis than Palestinians. It’s not racism. It’s a recognition that, for all their failings, the Israelis live in the same moral universe as we do. The Palestinians palpably, brazenly do not." … Continue reading “ET TU, ISRAEL?”


The idea that US foreign policy sowed the seeds of 9/11 is denounced as "anti-Americanism" and "blaming the victim" by our wartime intelligentsia, including such notables as Christopher Hitchens. The acerbic British-born journalist, who juggles columns in the glitzy Vanity Fair and the dowdy Nation, used to be a leftist and is now, whether or … Continue reading “WARMONGERS ON THE LEFT”


The horror of life in wartime – and getting more horrible by the minute – reached a new nadir on Pearl Harbor Day, when MSNBC trotted out Doris Kearns Goodwin to talk about the World War II internment of Japanese Americans. Kearns, the Godmother and Protectress of the Liberal Mythos, managed to discuss the issue … Continue reading “THE HORROR OF IT ALL”