Ukraine, Bosnia on Pyres of Empire

If one is to believe the folks calling themselves modern-day Vikings, the Norse apocalypse starts tomorrow. Ragnarok, the "Twilight of the Gods," was described in a 13th-century poem as the end of Asgard and a new beginning for the world. How has Hollywood not been all over this? Though the prospect of some divine apocalypse … Continue reading “Ukraine, Bosnia on Pyres of Empire”

Lords of Chaos

Throughout the Cold War, the West (calling itself the "free world") argued that the Communist bloc wanted to conquer the world, because for Communism to triumph it could allow no alternatives. Yet the Communist faction advocating a global revolution –Trotsky and his followers – were purged by Stalin, whose own doctrine was "Socialism in One … Continue reading “Lords of Chaos”

Applied Rovian Denialism

In spite of the abundant revelations in the preceding year, 2014 in the Balkans seems to portend more of the same. Everyone is still in full-on reality denial mode. Or, rather, entrenched in the imperial belief that assertions can "create their own reality." Still a Lie In "Kosovo," a province of Serbia occupied by NATO … Continue reading “Applied Rovian Denialism”

The Long Retreat

One of the pitfalls of writing history is that things that happened tend to seem inevitable in retrospect. Coupled with wishful thinking, this can lead to a dialectic mindset, in which the course of human events seems preordained somehow. The “end of history” wasn’t the invention of “liberal democrats” – before them, Communists and Nazis … Continue reading “The Long Retreat”

Reality Bites Back

One could always count on Bill Clinton for two things: "feeling your pain" and shameless self-promotion. The former Emperor got to combine both earlier this week, with a symposium at his presidential library extolling the virtues of his administration (and the CIA) during the 1992-95 Bosnian War. The event was dedicated to the release of … Continue reading “Reality Bites Back”

Imperial ‘Exemptionalism’

Just as it seemed the Empire was going to embark on yet another evil little war, a miracle happened on the road to Damascus. A sensible solution proposed by Moscow caught the Washington warmongers off-guard, and removed their justification for war. Between that and the overwhelming lack of popular support, the Empire backed down – … Continue reading “Imperial ‘Exemptionalism’”