Masters of Deceit: Kosovo and the Media

The media told us that a reenactment of the Holocaust was going on in Kosovo, with the Serbs in the role of the Nazis and the Kosovar Albanians standing in for the Jews – and that was a lie. For it turned out that approximately 2,108 persons from both sides were killed in the pre-bombing … Continue reading “Masters of Deceit: Kosovo and the Media”

Never Mind Kosovo–What About New Mexico?

I was reminded of why I hate the Republican Party last Sunday morning while watching Tim Russert of “Meet the Press” prompt Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott on why we need to be involved everywhere. Iraq is supposedly building “long range missiles” in Khartoum, and “what are we going to do about that, Senator?” And … Continue reading “Never Mind Kosovo–What About New Mexico?”

Beyond Left and Right

Editor’s note: This is an edited version of Justin Raimondo’s speech, “The Globalist Design,” to the Second Annual conference. BEYOND LEFT AND RIGHT “Beyond Left and Right: The New Face of the Antiwar Movement,” that was the theme of this, the second annual national conference, and it’s a catchy phrase – but what … Continue reading “Beyond Left and Right”

Where Are We Going?

Where have we been, and where are we going? These are the two questions that preoccupy my mind these days, as we approach the one year anniversary of’s operation as a continuously-updated news and commentary site. A week away from the opening day of our second Annual Conference – when a full year will … Continue reading “Where Are We Going?”

Kosovo Revisited: Spies, Spooks and Censors

During the Kosovo war the lies of NATO were broadcast all over the world and supinely accepted by the “mainstream” media as the fountainhead of truth; indeed, those lies were embroidered, elaborated on and systematized into a full-blown delusional system, a mass hallucination generated by the Western media in which the Serbs were depicted as … Continue reading “Kosovo Revisited: Spies, Spooks and Censors”

Will Kosovo Blow Before Election Day 2000

The Clinton administration is sitting on a ticking time bomb that could go off well before Election Day, 2000. As a CNN reporter put it, “Reining in Kosovar hard-liners may be beyond the capability of a NATO-led military force whose stated overriding priority is ensuring the safety of its own men. And that’s why, despite … Continue reading “Will Kosovo Blow Before Election Day 2000”

Gore and the Colombian Connection

Now that John McCain has “suspended” his campaign, those who worried that a man with the temper of a scorpion and the foreign policy views of Attilla the Hun would somehow bully his way into the White House can rest easy. But not too easy, and not for long – for now we are faced … Continue reading “Gore and the Colombian Connection”

Gas Pump Rip-Off–Made in Washington

With the price of gasoline rapidly surging, and expected to reach anywhere from $1.70 to $2 per gallon – depending on what part of the US you live in – Americans will soon be grumbling as they wait in long lines for the privilege of getting ripped off, and looking for someone to blame. The … Continue reading “Gas Pump Rip-Off–Made in Washington”

The McCain Meltdown?–Keep Your Fingers Crossed

If polling trends in “Super Tuesday” primary states continue, it looks like John McCain is a goner – and not a moment too soon. He is way behind in Ohio, where he and his advisors said they had a fighting chance, and falling fast in the two delegate-rich states of New York and California. Barring … Continue reading “The McCain Meltdown?–Keep Your Fingers Crossed”