A note from Justin Raimondo: Since I’m suffering from heat prostration today (it’s currently 101 degrees here in San Francisco!) and since I didn’t take Memorial Day off, I’m taking a break today. But here’s a past column that I know you’ll find interesting. It was my last “Wartime Diary” column, a daily series that started when the first bombs fell on Belgrade and ended when the war ended. In summing up the lessons of that war, and predicting the dissolution of Macedonia, I think this last edition of my “Wartime Diary” gives you something of the flavor of the early – and perhaps will give you the incentive to go exploring in our archives.

Originally published June 11, 1999

It wasn’t so much what Clinton said in his speech to the nation tonight as it was how he said it: the gloating in his voice barely contained, his oleaginous face twisted into a caricature of solemnity, those feral eyes triumphantly gleaming. It was better not to see, and just listen to the words, the lies that flowed uninterruptedly from his thick, obscenely sensual lips: “I can report to the American people that we have achieved a victory for a safer world, for our democratic values, and for a stronger America.” Every word of this sentence is an outrageous lie. First, the world is far less safe than when the war began: the entire region has been destabilized, with Macedonia on the verge of a complete collapse, Russia alienated, China up in arms – and every separatist splinter group from Chechnya to Sinkiang now looking to the United States and NATO as the champions of their cause. A safer world? What planet is the President living on?