Recovering From Kerry

The Iraq war is an illusion. It is just a segment on the nightly news. The death and destruction doesn’t concern us. Or so alleged all those who buried their antiwar convictions and signed on to support John Kerry in 2004. Since their pragmatic flop, the war has raged on. Thousands more have perished. Billions … Continue reading “Recovering From Kerry”

Democrats and Iran: Look Who Supports Bush’s Next War

By now you have probably heard about the Bush Administration’s secret plan to attack Iran and how US Special Forces units have been operating in the country for some time. Seymour Hersh, the maverick journalist for The New Yorker, broke the story earlier this week. "The immediate goals of the attacks would be to destroy, … Continue reading “Democrats and Iran: Look Who Supports Bush’s Next War”

The Collapse of Saddam’s Secret Subway

Before Operation Iraqi Freedom, one of the most compelling symbols of the depravity and danger of Saddam Hussein was the uncompleted Baghdad Metro. Saddam was believed to have launched the multi-billion-dollar subway project in 1983 to alleviate traffic congestion in Baghdad’s streets. But Iraq’s war with Iran apparently shifted Saddam’s priorities. At some point in … Continue reading “The Collapse of Saddam’s Secret Subway”