The Real Reason for
Nuking Iran

The strategic decision by the United States to nuke Iran was probably made long ago. Tactics adjust to unpredictable events as they unfold. There was such an event last week, when Iran’s president declared that Israel must be “wiped off” the map. The surprise was not the statement, which was an often-repeated quote by the … Continue reading “The Real Reason for
Nuking Iran”

Israel, Iran, and the US: Nuclear War, Here We Come

The stage is set for a chain of events that could lead to nuclear war over chemical weapons in the immediate future. If these events unfold, the trigger will be Israel, the target Iran, the nuclear aggressor the U.S. These are the reasons: The U.S. State Department determined in August 2005 that “Iran is in … Continue reading “Israel, Iran, and the US: Nuclear War, Here We Come”

Chemical Weapons,
Nuclear War

The Bush administration started a conventional war over imagined chemical weapons in Iraq. It is getting ready to start a war over imagined nuclear weapons, and real chemical ones, against Iran. This time it may be a nuclear war. It is well known that Iran has chemical weapons (1), (2), (3) , as many other … Continue reading “Chemical Weapons,
Nuclear War”

The Meaning of the IAEA Iran Vote

What could possibly be the purpose of the “gentle slap” (according to the L.A. Times headline, 9/25) delivered to Iran via the IAEA vote that found it in noncompliance with the Nonproliferation Treaty (NPT) and requires that it be reported to the UN at an unspecified date? One might argue that the threat of sanctions … Continue reading “The Meaning of the IAEA Iran Vote”