The Absence of the War Issue

I wish I could share Justin Raimondo’s essential optimism that Pat Buchanan will be able to make war and interventionism a viable issue at some point during the current election season. I have, well, issues with Pat. I disagree with some of the stands and attitudes he has taken in regard to trade, immigration and … Continue reading “The Absence of the War Issue”

Bush Debacle Augers GOP Crack-Up

It wasn’t even close. While the Bushian spinmeisters would have us believe that New Hampshire is but a bump on an otherwise smooth road inevitably leading to the coronation of Bush II, McCain’s New Hampshire triumph is a major upset: with considerably less money than Dubya’s $60 million and without the backing of the state … Continue reading “Bush Debacle Augers GOP Crack-Up”

The Globalist Culture War

Rewriting the past – as Orwell pointed out, a totalitarian regime must invest heavily in this essential task. In Orwell’s famous novel, 1984, the regime of Big Brother openly proclaims the malleability of history in the following slogan: “Who controls the past controls the future; who controls the present controls the past.” No one understands … Continue reading “The Globalist Culture War”

Walter Karp (1934-1989): War Critic and Republican Theorist

TERMINOLOGICAL FOREWORD It is best to clear up a few conceptual issues before looking at the thought of Walter Karp.   The first question is: What is republican theory?  We have to ask questions like that these days, in this country, because most people have lost the thread and have little idea what the American Revolution … Continue reading “Walter Karp (1934-1989): War Critic and Republican Theorist”

The Sad Tale of Croatian Independence

"An end to the era of fear, corruption and blood" declaimed David Jessell, front-man of the BBC’s Europe Direct news magazine on 25th January. Such hyperbole might have lead viewers to think they were going to be treated to a programme about the fall of Mobutu or Pol Pot. Not so. Jessell was referring the … Continue reading “The Sad Tale of Croatian Independence”

Madeleine’s Dubious Endorsement

Perhaps Madeleine Albright’s abject apology to the presumptive Masters of the Universe at the United Nations for the unfortunate and retrograde comments made by North Carolina Sen. Jesse Helms the week before was predictable. You could even argue that it was amusing. But it was unfortunate and contained some dubious assertions, reflecting some dubious attitudes. … Continue reading “Madeleine’s Dubious Endorsement”

Patrick Buchanan and the American Reformation

"The fatal flaw in the globalist vision is that it is utopian. It envisions a world that has never existed and can never exist, because it is contrary to fallen human nature. History has shown again and again that men do not give loyalty, love, and allegiance to entities greater than the nation. No ‘world … Continue reading “Patrick Buchanan and the American Reformation”

Buchanan-Keyes – A Dream Ticket for Conservatives

For years, the Washington Establishment has been laughing at Alan Keyes: who is this guy, they sneered, and why is he running for President? Now, it looks like Keyes may have the last laugh.BREAKTHROUGH A former US ambassador to the UN Social and Economic Council, and Assistant Secretary of State for International Organizations, the charismatic … Continue reading “Buchanan-Keyes – A Dream Ticket for Conservatives”

Empire, ‘Overstretch,’ and the Joys of Collapse

Many people take social theory to be a fortress held by the left. In many respects this is true. This is not, however, a good reason to eschew social theory. As much as I admire the late Russell Kirk, I do not think that his constant refrain against reason was much help in addressing the … Continue reading “Empire, ‘Overstretch,’ and the Joys of Collapse”

Mad About McCain: A Love Story

The media’s well-known love affair with presidential aspirant John McCain is almost embarrassing to behold; it is like those couples that are all over each other in public, and make you want to say: “Could you take that somewhere else – perhaps someplace more private?” Salon’s Jake Tapper is positively homoerotic in his breathless ardor: … Continue reading “Mad About McCain: A Love Story”