Our War Criminals and Theirs

I hate to disappoint my Republican readers who fell for Condolezza Rice’s jive talk about the US getting out of the Balkans, but you’ve been had. Senator Carl Levin (D-Michigan), fresh from Dubya’s meeting with congressional leaders on defense issues, said the President-elect was a bit more cautious about the prospect of pulling out than … Continue reading “Our War Criminals and Theirs”

Mixed peace prospects in Northern Ireland

I know that the Middle East is a bigger ongoing problem, though others (excepting, as usual, most of the establishment media) are covering it reasonably well. And it won ‘t be long before it becomes essential to raise the interest level in Colombia, perhaps before Dubya’s team makes a hard-and-fast decision about what to do … Continue reading “Mixed peace prospects in Northern Ireland”

The American Dracula

Tony Blair, the pompous martinet who thinks he’s a left-wing version of Maggie Thatcher, was smacked with a ripe tomato yesterday. No matter what the reason, I thought as I read the headline, he deserved it. As it turned out, the perpetrators of this act of justice were a group protesting the UN sanctions imposed … Continue reading “The American Dracula”

NATO’s Poisoned Arrow

The consequences of the Kosovo war continue to rain down on the heads of US policymakers – and those charged with carrying out those policies, namely US troops in the field. With the KLA’s UN-backed reign of terror in Kosovo, heightened tensions spreading outward to Macedonia, and US/NATO troops increasingly caught in the crossfire between … Continue reading “NATO’s Poisoned Arrow”

Know Thy Enemy

In looking ahead to the new year, and considering the events of the year 2000, I am reminded of what the late Murray N. Rothbard said in assessing the political terrain of a decade ago: he was addressing libertarians and their sympathizers, but Rothbard’s advice applies equally to advocates of a peaceful, noninterventionist foreign policy, … Continue reading “Know Thy Enemy”

Scoping out Condoleezza Rice

Let me get the bemusedly angry sidebar out of the way first. The most egregious offender in the media I saw was Tom Raum of the Associated Press, who began his story, "Carrying through on a promise to bring diversity to his administration, President-elect Bush on Sunday named a second black to his foreign-policy team … Continue reading “Scoping out Condoleezza Rice”

Western Civilization: Love It Or Leave It

AGAIN THE MILLENNIUM Today we stand just a few days this side of the real thousand-year mark, that is, midnight 31 December 2000. You knew I wasn’t going to let that go, didn’t you? I still wonder why all the calendar-challenged classes insisted on having a big song and dance last year, but can’t be … Continue reading “Western Civilization: Love It Or Leave It”


THE CANONIZATION OF COLIN POWELL Colin Powell had been officially named secretary of state for barely five minutes and already he was beating the war drums, demanding the beefing up of Iraqi sanctions and not-so-subtly hinting at a military confrontation in the Middle East: "We are in the strong position. He [Saddam Hussein] is in … Continue reading “THE CANONIZATION OF COLIN POWELL”

Israeli Wild Cards in the Peace Process

Fresh from his triumphs in bringing peace to Northern Ireland or at least the pretense of peace for a few weeks or months former Maine Sen. George Mitchell, as head of the new U.S.-led commission formed after the abortive Sharm al Sheik meeting a couple of months ago, is trotting around the Middle East pretending … Continue reading “Israeli Wild Cards in the Peace Process”