Before the Shooting Starts

As I have listened to the discussions about Saddam Hussein and Iraq, some disturbing questions have arisen. As an ordinary citizen with no special expertise in foreign policy, I am unable to get to the bottom of them. As a skeptic, however, who remembers how the Gulf of Tonkin incident of 1964 was made the … Continue reading “Before the Shooting Starts”

Oppose The New Homeland Security Bureaucracy!

When the process of creating a Department of Homeland Security commenced, Congress was led to believe that the legislation would be a simple reorganization aimed at increasing efficiency, not an attempt to expand federal power. Fiscally conservative members of Congress were even told that the bill would be budget neutral! Yet, when the House of … Continue reading “Oppose The New Homeland Security Bureaucracy!”


During the cold war, foreign policy issues rarely cut across Right-Left lines: the Left was anti-interventionist, the Right was for "rolling back" the Soviets and the matter was pretty clear-cut. Oh, there were a few libertarians (such as Murray N. Rothbard) who harkened back to the Old Right "isolationists" of the pre-Pearl Harbor era, and … Continue reading “LIBERAL IMPERIALISM”

Jiang’s Theory Is a Smokescreen

I, along with many other columnists and reporters, have had a good time poking fun at Jiang and his New Theory in the past few months. Jiang’s own bluster plus the solemn, blatant propaganda churned out by the Chinese media has kept us all laughing. A few have taken the theory seriously and tried hard … Continue reading “Jiang’s Theory Is a Smokescreen”

Israel Elections. So What.

Elections in the Middle East do not usually attract too much attention in the international media. Who remembers the recent elections in Iraq or in Syria? And who cares? Exceptions to this rule are Turkey and Israel: both countries are considered democracies, even though the concept of democracy needs considerable fixing and bending to be … Continue reading “Israel Elections. So What.”


Last Friday [November 8], Interpol Secretary General Ronald Noble said in an interview with Le Figaro that he thought Osama bin Laden is not only alive, but also plotting new terrorist attacks: "Something worrying is going on," he said. What’s worrying is that the Bush administration has been ignoring all indications that the terrorist mastermind … Continue reading “HE’S ALIVE!”

Defending Britain

Conservative scribblers across the English speaking world looking for a tired witticism never wait long before moaning about defence – ‘why can’t we be honest, why can’t we call it "Attack"? Why can’t we bring back good old-fashioned names for army departments like the "War Office"? Let’s stop being so PC and let’s start being … Continue reading “Defending Britain”

Living in an Inspection Bubble

When it comes to foolish actions by nation-states and nascent empires, I’m probably more fatalistic than average. The prudent, cautious rule in such matters is to expect maximum foolishness so you can be modestly grateful on those few occasions when the appalling people who rule us fall short of maximum stupidity. So the safest bet … Continue reading “Living in an Inspection Bubble”

Honoring Our Military Veterans

Although we honor veterans every November, the looming prospect of a second Gulf war makes this year especially meaningful for both our armed forces and those who served in past wars. Not surprisingly, many of the veterans I speak with in Texas urge caution in Iraq. Combat veterans understand perhaps better than any of us … Continue reading “Honoring Our Military Veterans”


The absolute evil of what passes for today’s conservative movement may not shock my more liberal readers, but those of us on the Right who were brought up in a more salubrious time remember when things were quite different. Believe it or not, conservatives didn’t always resort to smears instead of arguments – indeed, they … Continue reading “JONAH GOLDBERG, BOTTOM FEEDER”