The latest scare stories – the terrorists are going to give us a display of nuclear fireworks on July 4, commandeer dams, electrical grids, and traffic lights via the Internet, and launch suicide attacks in shopping malls – don’t phase me. I guess we’re all so used to the hysterics of our demagogic leaders that … Continue reading “LOOK ON THE BRIGHT SIDE”

Is America a Police State?

Most Americans believe we live in dangerous times, and I must agree. Today I want to talk about how I see those dangers and what Congress ought to do about them. Of course, the Monday-morning quarterbacks are now explaining, with political overtones, what we should have done to prevent the 9/11 tragedy. Unfortunately, in doing … Continue reading “Is America a Police State?”


Oh, I get it: it’s okay to pledge allegiance to the State, but not to God – and that about sums up the official ideology of our ruling elites. BEARISH ON THE WAR The news that only one in three Americans think we’re winning the "war on terrorism," and that 49 percent say neither side … Continue reading “‘IN GOVERNMENT WE TRUST’?”

Did India Cry Wolf to Secure US Intervention?

Did America’s newly discovered ally, India, cry wolf (that is, deliberately exaggerate tentative indications of the presence of Al-Qaeda in Kashmir) to get the United States to intervene sympathetically on its behalf and secure a commitment from Pakistan’s President Pervez Musharraf to end “cross-border infiltration” of militants? Although there is no irrefutable proof of this, … Continue reading “Did India Cry Wolf to Secure US Intervention?”


After months of teeter-tottering between fairness to the Palestinians and complete prostration before Israel’s amen corner in the US, George W. Bush has come down decisively on the side of the latter – and the so-called war on terrorism has taken a new and ominous turn. It was pathetic, really, to see that Chairman Arafat … Continue reading “‘AMEN TO THAT!’”

Inspection or Invasion in Iraq?

I call my colleagues’ attention to a recent article by Scott Ritter, former chief UN weapons inspector in Iraq, published in the Los Angeles Times. In this article, Mr. Ritter makes a salient point that deserves careful and serious consideration in this body: how will it be possible to achieve the stated administration goal of … Continue reading “Inspection or Invasion in Iraq?”