Cyber-Cops, Watchdogs and the Thought Police

“Bad boyz, Bay boyz, What-cha gonna do? What-cha gonna do when they come for you?” Ah yes, the theme song of my favorite TV program – next to The McLaughlin Group, of course: it could serve as the theme song of the new millennium. Cops – they’re everywhere. Rounding up wild-eyed Algerian “terrorists” as they … Continue reading “Cyber-Cops, Watchdogs and the Thought Police”


With the announcement this week by President Clinton that he will propose a two-year $1.3 billion emergency anti-narcotics aid package to Colombia, the drug war and the counter-insurgency war waged as part of a 40-year civil war in Colombia have been ratcheted to a new level of violence and risk. If the most likely outcome … Continue reading “COLOMBIAN DRUG WAR HEATING UP”

The Emerging Media Trust

The triumph of America Online, in its much-ballyhooed mega-merger with the Time Warner media group, represents a major threat to the Internet as a medium free of government regulation and cultural freedom. Yes, I know, I know – all the nerdiest yuppies are chortling over how it was AOL that swallowed up Time Warner, and … Continue reading “The Emerging Media Trust”

Declines, Untergänge, and Other Unpleasant Matters

GLOOM AND DOOM From time to time, writers fret about the decline of the west. Some of them worried about it so prematurely that today they stand dismissed as dreary fellows, who just weren’t up to enjoying the radiant future upon which we have entered. Oswald Spengler, after all, was ponderously Teutonic and pro-Prussian and … Continue reading “Declines, Untergänge, and Other Unpleasant Matters”

Futurism, Fukuyama, and Folksong Hermeneutics

GONE ABOUT AS FAR AS THEY CAN GO I begin with the WSJ of January 1, 2000. Mr. Thomas Petzinger tells us that everything’s up-to-date in Cyber City. Well, not exactly, and yet his article is not lacking in truth. It is true that communication costs and transaction costs are being reduced. It is true … Continue reading “Futurism, Fukuyama, and Folksong Hermeneutics”

Fulani, Buchanan and the Smear Machine

The campaign to destroy Patrick J. Buchanan, politically and personally, continues unabated, and is now accelerating as the official presidential campaign season gets underway. The reason for the escalation is because, incredibly, his somewhat quixotic guerrilla campaign to take the White House, as vastly under-funded as it is, has managed to mount a credible challenge … Continue reading “Fulani, Buchanan and the Smear Machine”

Weimar Russia and the Chechen War

Many Western commentators have remarked on the similarity of the post-cold war international landscape to that of 1919, the latest being Norman Podhoretz, who writes in the December 1999 Commentary:”. . . there are two things about which I do feel certain. The first is that we are in a situation resembling the one that … Continue reading “Weimar Russia and the Chechen War”