Uncensoring ‘Project Censored’

What follows is the text of a talk I gave at a conference put on by Project Censored, on Saturday [April 28], at San Francisco State University. I was told, by the way, that my presence had been a cause of much controversy: one of the keynote speakers, the well-known Commie writer (listed by the … Continue reading “Uncensoring ‘Project Censored’”

Is Bob Kerrey a War Criminal?

Former Senator Bob Kerrey (D-Nebraska) was a presidential hopeful and a rising star in the Democratic party when, for some reason, this January he suddenly decided to drop out of politics. At the time, his decision puzzled his friends and supporters: now, they know why. For he knew that the real story about what happened … Continue reading “Is Bob Kerrey a War Criminal?”

Making the War All Too Real

had rather expected that most American newspapers would feature the photos of Veronica Bowers and her almost achingly lovely daughter in the innocent days before her killing on the front page. Poignant as the photos were, however, they were displaced by other news, pushed to the inside pages or not used at all in many … Continue reading “Making the War All Too Real”

Howard Homan Buffett:

AN AMERICAN ORIGINAL Howard Homan Buffett was born in Omaha, Nebraska in 1903 and died in 1964. In those years he was an eyewitness to the wholesale abandonment of the American traditions of limited government at home and minding our own business overseas. He did not gladly go along with the main drift of his … Continue reading “Howard Homan Buffett:”

Quebec Crackpots

Contradictions abounded at the Summit of the Americas, held in Quebec City over the weekend, not the least of which was the outrage of protesters at wire fences that separated them from the prime ministers and presidents meeting on the other side. “The fence,” expostulated a young man whose face was hidden by a green … Continue reading “Quebec Crackpots”

The Anti-China Left

The utter meaninglessness of the “left”-“right” political spectrum was brought home to me the other day, as I read yet another anti-Chinese diatribe: “It was,” averred the editorialist, “a sweet triumph for the philologists of appeasement” when the Bush administration settled the Hainan incident with a few words of diplomacy. WorldNetDaily? Nope. The Weekly (Sub)Standard? … Continue reading “The Anti-China Left”

Commerce and Peace

What are they thinking, some of these people in Congress and on television who want to make more of the American spy plane near China incident than is warranted? One is not surprised, perhaps, at advocates of “benevolent” American hegemony like Bill Kristol and Robert Kagan whining that the American side conceded too much and … Continue reading “Commerce and Peace”

On the Street in China: A Report

I heard about the first poster calling for demonstrations against America and death to the American devils minutes before I walked into my Tuesday afternoon English class. According to my friend, who saw the poster, members of the Southwest Agricultural University English Department put it up – in other words, students of mine. I looked … Continue reading “On the Street in China: A Report”