‘Crony Capitalism’ & War

My recent column on the "warbloggers" raised a lot of hackles, as well as provoking some interesting arguments. Dealing with the latter first, we have Jim Henley of "Unqualified Offerings" – a consistently interesting and well-written blog – telling me to "aim at the target, please." Henley wants to know: "Why does Justin Raimondo spend … Continue reading “‘Crony Capitalism’ & War”

The Tali-boy: Made In the USA

Political trials are the musical accompaniment of modern warfare: Stalin’s purge trials, purportedly showing that the Soviet dictator’s enemies on the home front were agents of Hitler and the Mikado, provided ideological grist for Moscow’s propaganda mills during World War II. The Reichstag fire and the subsequent trial gave the German Nazis a rationale for … Continue reading “The Tali-boy: Made In the USA”

Fast Times at National Review

Happy days are here again at National Review. For forty some years, the editors and writers of that august journal have wanted wars and were happiest when they had one. If one ended, they promptly demanded another one. Of course the Cold War was a glorious time for them, partly because of its seeming permanence; … Continue reading “Fast Times at National Review

The Coming Implosion of the Bush Campaign

Like the old Soviet Union, which no one – including our own CIA – suspected was on the brink of complete collapse, the Republican Party Establishment thinks it is immune to any challenge from within or without. The only difference is that the Bush campaign won’t take 45 years to go into a tailspin: thanks … Continue reading “The Coming Implosion of the Bush Campaign”

PC Imperialism

The Martha McSally case combines the two absolute worst aspects of American political culture – rampant political correctness and foreign policy triumphalism – in one outrageous package. McSally, the highest-ranking female combat pilot in the U.S. Air Force, is suing the Pentagon: she objects to US military regulations that, in deference to local customs, require … Continue reading “PC Imperialism”

The War Against the Saudis

Washington is all atwitter over what appears to be a sea-change on the foreign policy front: evidence of a developing rift between the US and Saudi Arabia, its most loyal Arab ally. Since World War II, Washington and the House of Saud have enjoyed a lucrative and seemingly permanent alliance, in which the former provided … Continue reading “The War Against the Saudis”

Nation-building or…

I distinctly remember President Bush, when the war – or the bombing campaign, depending on how much of a stickler you are for constitutionally-declared wars and other anachronisms – was just beginning, promising quite specifically that the United States wasn’t going to get involved in "nation-building" in Afghanistan. No, no, we had learned our lessons … Continue reading “Nation-building or…”

David Horowitz Rewrites the Past

An American Jew, David Horowitz, wrote a 5,000-word article "proving" that "…Israel Is The Victim And The Arabs Are The Indefensible Aggressors In the Middle East." I always enjoy reading the work of an American Jew who defines himself as non-Zionist, but who is nevertheless ready to sacrifice my life in his hatred towards Arabs. … Continue reading “David Horowitz Rewrites the Past”