‘Disgraced Soldier’ Fights Trauma With Documentary

LONDON – A new documentary, Diary of a Disgraced Soldier, follows the dismissal from the British army of an Iraq war veteran and his battle with post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) linked to his videographing the brutalizing of Iraqi youth by fellow servicemen. For five days in 2004, Corporal Martin Webster and about 100 other … Continue reading “‘Disgraced Soldier’ Fights Trauma With Documentary”

Iraqi Refugees Look to Europe

DAMASCUS – "I’ll go to any country," says Zirgon Tomas al-Aya, a 60-year-old Iraqi standing outside the UN Refugee Agency headquarters in Damascus. "I like Syria but I can’t work here, I want to go somewhere else," said the asylum seeker, one of about 1.5 million Iraqis who have fled to Syria since 2003. He … Continue reading “Iraqi Refugees Look to Europe”