Politics, Bullshit, and Ukraine

Once in a while a book appears that forces us to rethink the previous cognitive patterns. To use the celebrated phrase from Thomas S. Kuhn’s influential, The Structure of Scientific Revolutions (1962), it introduces the paradigm shift. Kuhn’s explored scientific revolutions and the shifts produced by, say, Newtonian or quantum physics. The realm of social … Continue reading “Politics, Bullshit, and Ukraine”

Do We Have To Destroy Ukraine In Order To Save It?

Ukraine is sinking deeper and deeper into the hole that it began to dig for itself since the last year. The process continues to be cheered if not facilitated by western powers, who while calculating the mutual benefits of "Kiev’s spring," have failed to acknowledge that such a drastic reorientation comes with the price tag … Continue reading “Do We Have To Destroy Ukraine In Order To Save It?”

Ukraine: New President, Old Violence

There is something rotten at the heart of Europe. The festering wound of Ukraine cannot heal. Hopes associated with the election of the new president disappeared as fast as the bubbles of the celebratory champagne, replaced by images of Donetsk airport bombing. What are the reasons behind such a debut? Does it represent a strong … Continue reading “Ukraine: New President, Old Violence”

Crimea: Whose War Is It?

The much admired American Western, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (1969) contains an insightful scene. The main characters are trying to escape and are considering a very dangerous jump from the cliff: Butch Cassidy: They’ll never follow us. Sundance Kid: How do you know? Cassidy: Would you jump if you didn’t have to? … Continue reading “Crimea: Whose War Is It?”