Biden Must Avoid Reigniting the War in Yemen

On December 18, the United States announced a military operation aimed at responding to the Houthis recent attacks on commercial ships by Yemen’s Houthis. According to David DeCamp, the United States is possibly looking at bombing Yemen and considering listing them as a “foreign terrorist organization.” This would lead to the United States to canning … Continue reading “Biden Must Avoid Reigniting the War in Yemen”

Yes, There Are Innocent Palestinians

Recently, popular conservative Mark Levin went to X to voice his opinion on the ongoing war in Gaza. Levin’s position was rather tasteless when he claimed that there were no “innocent Palestinians.” He linked to an article written by D.W. Wilber, whose background is in US intelligence. In the article, he claimed that “So let’s … Continue reading “Yes, There Are Innocent Palestinians”

The War on Civilians

It has been one month since Hamas launched its vicious attack on Israel, killing many and taking many more hostage on October 7. There were many reports of killings, rape, potential beheadings, and more. The attacks were horrific, and the world quickly condemned the actions. Israel responded by declaring war with Hamas and launching a … Continue reading “The War on Civilians”

Biden Administration Backs Israeli Crimes in Jenin

On July 3, the Israeli military launched a major assault on the Jenin refugee camp in the Israeli occupied West Bank Palestinian city of Jenin. According to the Israeli government, the goal of Operation Home and Garden is to target militants within the camp. The Jenin refugee camp was established back in 1953 to house … Continue reading “Biden Administration Backs Israeli Crimes in Jenin”

How the Media Ignores Yemen

Since 2014, the tiny country of Yemen has been devastated by the ongoing civil war following the Houthi takeover of the government. It only got worse as in March 2015; President Barack Obama began to aid the Saudi Arabians in the war effort. As of February 2022, over 370,000 people have lost their lives thanks … Continue reading “How the Media Ignores Yemen”