My President, Right or Wrong

Last week at the United Nations, Hugo Ch├ívez, the president of Venezuela, called President George W. Bush “the devil” and complained he could still smell the sulfur. The reaction was immediate, visceral, and scary. Even the president’s most virulent enemies took umbrage. Charles Rangel, a liberal democrat from Harlem, raged, “You don’t come into my … Continue reading “My President, Right or Wrong”

Understanding Why Iraq
Is a Disaster

Several Democrats and even some Republicans have attributed the disaster in Iraq to the way in which the war was fought. There have been calls for Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld’s resignation. Certainly the Pentagon in fighting this war has made serious errors. From the beginning, when looting broke out, the military had no plans … Continue reading “Understanding Why Iraq
Is a Disaster”

The Charge of the Coalition Forces

Adapted, with apologies to Alfred Lord Tennyson Half a mile, half a mile, Half a mile onward, All in the desert of Death Rode the 200 thousand. ‘Forward, the Coalition Forces! Charge for the guns!’ he said: Into the desert of Death Rode the 200 thousand. ‘Forward, the Coalition Forces!’ Was there a man dismay’d? … Continue reading “The Charge of the Coalition Forces”