America Fans the Flames While Europe Puts Out the Fire

A pattern is emerging across current events from Syria to Iran to Ukraine. The pattern has two parts. In the first, America is increasingly in conflict with her natural allies. America, contrary to its mythical image as the cops of the world, fans the flames of conflict and finds itself in conflict with the Europeans … Continue reading “America Fans the Flames While Europe Puts Out the Fire”

Reporting of the US-Israel Assassination of Imad Mughniyah

Two weeks ago, an Israeli helicopter crossed the Syrian border and killed five Hezbollah fighters and an Iranian general. Media accounts made much of the fact that among the dead Hezbollah fighters was Jihad Mughniyah. That particular killing was significant because Jihad Mughniyeh was the son of Imad Mughniyah. Imad Mugniyah was a senior Hezbollah … Continue reading “Reporting of the US-Israel Assassination of Imad Mughniyah”

What’s Really Comic About The Interview

It is still not known with certainty who hacked Sony Pictures Entertainment. Several security analysts have questioned the FBI’s assertion that North Korea is to blame. An analysis by the security firm Norse suggests that the evidence points, not to North Korea, but to just six individuals who are based in the U.S., Canada, Singapore … Continue reading “What’s Really Comic About The Interview

Did America Fake Imminent Terror Threats To Justify Bombing Syria?

The claim has recently been made that the Obama administration concocted not only the imminent attacks on U.S. soil by the al-Qaeda cell The Khorasan Group, but the group itself, in order to make a case for self-defense and justify the bombing of Syria. As outlandish as it may first appear that America would create … Continue reading “Did America Fake Imminent Terror Threats To Justify Bombing Syria?”

The American Response to ISIS: They’re Patterns, Not Coincidences

The wide wake that the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) is leaving across the Levant is mysterious in a number of ways. How they have so easily overwhelmed a third of Syria and a quarter of Iraq is one. But perhaps most mysterious is the American response to the rise of the Islamic … Continue reading “The American Response to ISIS: They’re Patterns, Not Coincidences”

Timelines and Historical Creationism

In history, as in fiction writing, where you decide to start your narrative plays a major role in shaping your story. The story of the causes of a particular historical event can be shaped by the historians and writers who have access to the media and publishers depending on where they decide to start their … Continue reading “Timelines and Historical Creationism”

Taking Out Our Friends So We Can Install Our Enemies. What?

Once in a while the inconsistencies in American foreign policy become sufficiently clear to reveal the consistency in American foreign policy. Three contemporary inconsistencies in Iraq and Syria, all clearly connected, converge to throw America’s consistent foreign policy into sharp relief. In an astonishing shift of geopolitical realities, America finds itself, literally, at war with … Continue reading “Taking Out Our Friends So We Can Install Our Enemies. What?”

Ukraine and Twenty-First Century Coups

When instability is stirred up in the streets by a minority group too small to change a government in the polls but big enough to look like a massive social democratic movement in the street, it can lead to one of at least three kinds of coups. In the first type, the domestic military intervenes … Continue reading “Ukraine and Twenty-First Century Coups”

Try and Try Again: Obama’s Silent Coups

Last night, as I watched the television news, there were consecutive stories on massive street protests in Ukraine and Venezuela. They were all presented as democratic protests against undemocratic and unresponsive governments. Not one of the stories mentioned the not unimportant detail that, in each case, the violent street protests were targeting governments democratically elected … Continue reading “Try and Try Again: Obama’s Silent Coups”

Switching Sides in Syria? Unbelievable, but Not Unprecedented

The perfectly timed release of photographic evidence of torture and killing on the part of the Syrian government on the very eve of the Geneva II peace talks may or may not be authentic. There have been atrocities on both sides, and these pictures could be evidence of government atrocities. But one cannot forget the … Continue reading “Switching Sides in Syria? Unbelievable, but Not Unprecedented”