Nepal Wracked by Religious Violence After Iraq Murders

KATHMANDU – A haunting specter grips Nepal as the Himalayan kingdom mourns the deaths of 12 of its workers murdered in Iraq. There is a strong possibility that the relatives of the dead will never see the return of the bodies of the victims, and this has incensed many Nepalis. In the southern district of … Continue reading “Nepal Wracked by Religious Violence After Iraq Murders”

Iraq’s ‘Hell’ Still Lures Workers

KATHMANDU – Many jobless Nepalis are still heading to Iraq to look for jobs, despite the recent spate of kidnappings and beheadings and a ban imposed by the government after the U.S. invasion of Baghdad last year. "We have been told that they pay us three times more in Iraq than they pay in, say, … Continue reading “Iraq’s ‘Hell’ Still Lures Workers”