Obama Fans Suddenly Outraged by Bigotry

Barack Obama’s choice of Pastor Rick Warren of Orange County’s Saddleback Church to give the invocation at his inauguration has sent the liberal blogosphere into a frenzy of apprehension and indignation. Warren is an advocate of Proposition 8, the measure that repealed gays’ right to marry in California. It is no doubt a poor choice … Continue reading “Obama Fans Suddenly Outraged by Bigotry”

The Pragmatism of
Ethnic Cleansing

Barack Obama’s election victory has inspired a windfall of comment, most of it euphoric, with some grumbling from the political Right and the small quarters of the Left that remain unimpressed, so I am hesitant to contribute to the chatter. There is one element of Obama’s victory, however, that has received less attention than it … Continue reading “The Pragmatism of
Ethnic Cleansing”