Its Human Toll Will Be Incalculable

At some level, it’s not complicated. Making civilians, including children, responsible for the acts of a guerrilla group should obviously be considered a crime. And that crime is functionally being supported by my country. In early November, after denouncing the acts of Hamas on October 7th as the crimes that they were, Volker Türk, the … Continue reading “Its Human Toll Will Be Incalculable”

Good News, or Urban Legends?

Did you know that there are five police academies in Iraq that produce over 3,500 new officers every eight weeks? Well, if you’re among the millions of recipients of that “Did You Know?” e-mail proliferating on the Internet, you “know” that “fact” along with a whole lot of other good-news items about Iraq – astonishing … Continue reading “Good News, or Urban Legends?”