The Consequences of Betrayal

In one of his speeches Prime Minister Tony Blair made the statement that he had every confidence in British Intelligence regarding Weapons of Mass Destruction. As highly regarded as it is, British Intelligence is certainly not infallible. Whether by mistake or deliberate betrayal, failures in the intelligence system can have long and far-reaching consequences. Consider … Continue reading “The Consequences of Betrayal”

Carla del Ponte’s Pound of Serbian Flesh

One by one, Serbs are confessing to their guilt regarding Srebrenica. Are we witnessing another Stalin show trial, where the defendants were told, "if you sign, we won’t shoot you"?  Well, Stalin’s victims signed and many were shot anyway, or worked to death in the Gulag. The Hague "Tribunal" seems to have taken Uncle Joe’s lesson … Continue reading “Carla del Ponte’s Pound of Serbian Flesh”

Wesley Clark: The Guy Who Almost Started World War III

General Wesley Clark, former Supreme Allied Commander Europe (SACEUR) and Friend of Bill’s (FOB) is considering a run for President of these United States. In an AP report of 29 June, former-President William Jefferson Clinton stated that Wesley Clark would make a fine president, if he ran. After all, what are friends for? There is … Continue reading “Wesley Clark: The Guy Who Almost Started World War III”

The Elusive Dr. Karadzic

For the past seven years NATO troops tossed out a net to capture the elusive former Bosnian Serb president Radovan Karadzic based on either tips from informers [they say] or based on information obtained by threats to Serb government officials and to villagers. The BBC correspondent in Sarajevo, Nick Hawton, reported on 16 August that … Continue reading “The Elusive Dr. Karadzic”

Behind Enemy Lines: Fact or Fiction?

  Behind Enemy Lines:Fact or Fiction? by Stella L. Jatras 5/14/02 Behind Enemy Lines is being released on VHS and DVD by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment after an unsuccessful box office showing and less than favorable reviews.  The war film was released two months earlier than scheduled in theaters throughout the country in order … Continue reading “Behind Enemy Lines: Fact or Fiction?”

The Crimes of the KLA: Who Will Pay?

Of the war against terrorism, President Bush says, "You’re either with us or against us." A New York Times article of 4 March by Joyce Walder, titled, "Side by Side in Life, and Now, in Death," sympathetically chronicles the deaths of three Albanian-American brothers who went together to Kosovo to fight and die along side … Continue reading “The Crimes of the KLA: Who Will Pay?”

The Case of the Invisible Trial, or ‘Where’s the Beef?’

It’s called the most important trial since Nuremberg; yet, of the over 100 TV channels at my disposal, not one carries it. Curious, since for the past ten years the media and the major TV channels couldn’t wait to spin all the sordid details of mutilations, murders, torture and charges of genocide that the accused, … Continue reading “The Case of the Invisible Trial, or ‘Where’s the Beef?’”

‘Voices of Moral Obtuseness’ or ‘Voices of Immoral Bigotry’?

Examine the following three quotes. It is as though they were written by the same pen; as though all three had received their marching orders from a higher authority. The first quote, attributed to Charles Krauthammer, appeared in The Washington Post on 21 September, titled "Voices of Moral Obtuseness": "Let us look at American policies. … Continue reading “‘Voices of Moral Obtuseness’ or ‘Voices of Immoral Bigotry’?”

The Media’s War Against the Serbs

The media’s biased war against the Serbs has been a major factor in the dismemberment of the former Yugoslavia and the demonizing of an entire nation. One of the best examples of such bias can be found in the Washington Times, both in its reporting of events in the Balkans and its editorial policy. I … Continue reading “The Media’s War Against the Serbs”

If It’s Good Enough for Serbia’s Goose, Why Not for Croatia’s Gander?

In an AP article dated 21 November, Croatia’s president, Stipe Mesic, insisted that "ousting Slobodan Milosevic was not enough," and "urged Yugoslavia’s new leaders on Tuesday to hand him over to the U.N. war crimes tribunal and face up to their country’s role in the Balkan wars. Croatian President Stipe Mesic praised Yugoslavia’s democratization, which … Continue reading “If It’s Good Enough for Serbia’s Goose, Why Not for Croatia’s Gander?”