The Relation Between Press Freedom and Assange

The printing press was the origin of mass media, so freedom in its applications was always important. As a central vehicle for political discourse, such freedom was proportionate to that of society as a whole, in a two-way causal relationship. "Press" then became the term for influential public coverage of an issue, as in good … Continue reading “The Relation Between Press Freedom and Assange”

Could Persecution Become Prosecution for Assange?

In mid October, six months into the communications blockade on its founder, WikiLeaks issued a statement which included the following. "Ecuador has told WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange that it will remove the isolation regime imposed on him following meetings between two senior UN officials and Ecuador’s President Lenin Moreno on Friday" These officials were the … Continue reading “Could Persecution Become Prosecution for Assange?”

Assange’s Ecuadorian Cave

For over two months Julian Assange had no internet access and no contact with anyone besides his lawyer. Fifteen days is prohibited by the UN as prolonged solitary confinement under the Mandela Rules. His situation now appears unchanged except that he was visited last Thursday by two officials from Australia’s High Commission. It has not … Continue reading “Assange’s Ecuadorian Cave”