Fears Rise of ‘Taliban-Style’ Justice in Syria

IDLIB PROVINCE, Syria – Concerns are rising that courts run by Islamic clerics in many of Syria‚Äôs rebel-held areas may serve as a prelude to Taliban-style justice in what was long a violently repressive but secular state. Many on the ground counter that they are the sole viable option in the present circumstances and should … Continue reading “Fears Rise of ‘Taliban-Style’ Justice in Syria”

Cracks Widen Among Syrian Rebels

AD-DANA, Idlib Province, Syria, Sept. 24 2013 (IPS) – Scorching flames from a makeshift oil refinery sting eyes and the fumes choke throats near the top of a hill in northwestern Syria, where Free Syrian Army (FSA) fighters gather for fuel, coffee and phone calls as darkness falls. The population of the nearby town Al-Dana … Continue reading “Cracks Widen Among Syrian Rebels”