Pulling Karzai’s Strings: Obama as Puppeteer

In November 1963, the US-sponsored president of southern Vietnam, Ngo Dinh Diem, was murdered by members of that country’s military.  The murder was (at the least) tacitly supported by Washington and was partially due to Diem’s attempts to operate independently of Washington in regards to the war his military was fighting against Washington’s enemies – … Continue reading “Pulling Karzai’s Strings: Obama as Puppeteer”

The New Iraqi Sovereignty

There’s got to be some irony in the U.S. transference of control to Iraqi security forces while the Israelis pound Gaza. Why? Because, despite the hoopla in the U.S. press and its Iraqi clones, the nature of the control being “given back” to the Iraqis seems quite similar to the control given back to the … Continue reading “The New Iraqi Sovereignty”

Election ’08: How Did the Empire Do?

In the wake of the recent election results it’s essential to ask how the Empire fared. It’s not just occupying Iraq. It’s not just brutally occupying Afghanistan under the guise of a war on terror being fought by the heirs of the Wahhabist-influenced, Carter-Reagan-CIA-trained guerrilla armies. It’s not only continuing the encirclement of Russia and … Continue reading “Election ’08: How Did the Empire Do?”

Conspiracy to Kill Iraqis?

Checking out the news this morning I came across a news article from AFP describing charges recently filed against four US servicemen who were stationed in Iraq in 2007. The charges included conspiracy to commit premeditated murder, among others. According to the military press release, these four soldiers conspired to kill Iraqi detainees while they … Continue reading “Conspiracy to Kill Iraqis?”

Don’t Let Congress Backslide

United for Peace antiwar demos George Bush’s State of the Union speech provided every single US resident that opposes the war in Iraq with a reason to take that opposition into the streets. His argument that ending the US military involvement in that nation would lead to extremists running the world is nothing new, but … Continue reading “Don’t Let Congress Backslide”

Take This War and Shove It

“Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired, signifies in the final sense a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed.” -President Dwight D. Eisenhower April 16, 1953 Talk about stepping into the abyss. George Bush and his Pentagon allies are considering … Continue reading “Take This War and Shove It”

Stop the Next War Before It Starts

It’s time for the antiwar movement to take U.S. threats against Iran and Syria very, very seriously. Not only are stories of such threats appearing at an increasing rate in the media, they now seem to be a topic of concern on Capitol Hill and at the United Nations. Condi Rice, war hound that she … Continue reading “Stop the Next War Before It Starts”

From DaNang to Tal Afar, Bring ‘Em Home

A review of David Cortright’s Soldiers in Revolt (Haymarket 2005) Of all the antiwar buttons I could wear, the only one I choose to pin on my coat or backpack is one that reads “I Support the Iraq Veterans Against the War.” Not only does this express my opposition to the war, it also serves … Continue reading “From DaNang to Tal Afar, Bring ‘Em Home”