Enrich Iranians, Not Uranium

Is the Iranian nuclear challenge impossible to solve? To judge by President Ahmadinejad’s fiery rhetoric and his seeming indifference to world opinion, you could be forgiven for thinking so. The mullahs now look ready to defy the UN’s month-long ultimatum on uranium enrichment, which expires this week, and there is no obvious way to stop … Continue reading “Enrich Iranians, Not Uranium”

Why Israel Really Fears Iranian Nukes, Part Three

Western rhetoric about the prospect of an Iranian nuclear bomb is typically full of references to "security," "destabilization" and "a terrorist regime" that sound compelling and alarming. But because such terms are closely examined only rarely, they not only deflect from any meaningful assessment of the Iranian issue but also readily disguise the true motives … Continue reading “Why Israel Really Fears Iranian Nukes, Part Three”

Why Israel Really Fears Iranian Nukes, Part Two

The acquisition of a nuclear warhead by any country, whether a friend or foe of the United States, is a development of not merely military significance. Instead it necessarily has immense political importance both to a domestic audience and on a wider international stage: the bomb helped India to shake off feelings of post-colonial inferiority, … Continue reading “Why Israel Really Fears Iranian Nukes, Part Two”

Why Israel Really Fears Iranian Nukes

Israel’s leaders are apt to portray the prospect of an Iranian nuclear warhead in highly apocalyptic terms. Earlier this year, for example, Ariel Sharon was prepared to call Iran "the biggest danger to the existence of Israel" and warned that "Israel will not allow Iran to be equipped with a nuclear weapon." But though the … Continue reading “Why Israel Really Fears Iranian Nukes”

How to Help the Ayatollahs

The enemies of the ayatollahs doubtless applauded loudly earlier this week when U.S. spokesmen ventured their latest pronouncement about the status of the Mujahideen-e-Khalq (MEK), which has long claimed to be the "official opposition" to the current regime in Iran. Raising more speculation that Washington could one day use the group as a proxy military … Continue reading “How to Help the Ayatollahs”

Iran’s Challenge to the Bush Doctrine

Recent press reports have left little doubt where George W. Bush, if reelected in November, will be tempted to train his sights. A senior White House aide said last week that the U.S. president, fresh from toppling the Taliban and Saddam Hussein, may well decide to orchestrate regime change inside Iran. Although such a policy … Continue reading “Iran’s Challenge to the Bush Doctrine”

Dealing with Iran’s Nuclear Challenge

Over the coming months, few Middle Eastern issues are likely to become more pressing than Iran’s nuclear program. Admitting only to the pursuit of civilian energy, the Iranians are now preparing to complete a heavy water reactor at Arak from which the fissile material for a warhead could be extracted, threatening to enrich uranium in … Continue reading “Dealing with Iran’s Nuclear Challenge”