Propaganda’s Forward March

In pursuit of their agenda, neoconservatives have shown no respect for facts or persons. Neocons have lied to the President, the Secretary of State, Congress, the UN, our allies, and the public. In order to fabricate a case for a "preemptive" US invasion of Iraq, neocons used their presidential appointments to manipulate US intelligence services. … Continue reading “Propaganda’s Forward March”

Hold the Neocons Accountable

Will neoconservatives be held responsible for orchestrating a war in order to pursue their Middle Eastern agenda? Will they get away with inflicting death and injury on thousands of Iraqis and Americans? Colin Powell put his reputation on the line when he gave the UN assurances that “every statement I make today is backed up … Continue reading “Hold the Neocons Accountable”

Western Intervention Starves Africans and Starts Wars

War and drought are the standard explanations for starving Africans. War and drought definitely take their toll. But so do tax rates. Jude Wanniski has taken a look at taxation in Ethiopia. This is what he found. A farmer who earns $68 a year after expenses from cash sales of a crop is taxed 10%. … Continue reading “Western Intervention Starves Africans and Starts Wars”

Rumsfeld Wants a Ministry of Truth

When deceit catches up with a government, officials take refuge in propaganda. Thus, Defense Secretary Rumsfeld told the Washington Times (Oct. 24) that he wants a "21st century information agency in the government" to help fight a "war of ideas" and educate Americans and foreigners that Big Brother is right. Last year Rumsfeld was forced … Continue reading “Rumsfeld Wants a Ministry of Truth”

The Axis of Hubris

"The path of peace is preferable to the path of war." ~ Yitzhak Rabin, November 4, 1995 President George Bush and the United States are in a serious situation in Iraq for one reason only: neoconservatives will permit no dissent. Neoconservatives used their presidential appointments and Vice President Cheney to silence the CIA and Defense … Continue reading “The Axis of Hubris”

A Holocaust in the Making

"Simply stated, there is no doubt that Saddam Hussein now has weapons of mass destruction." Vice President Dick Cheney, 8-26-02. "For those who say we haven’t found the banned manufacturing devises or banned weapons, they’re wrong, we found them." President George Bush, 5-30-03. When it became obvious that the neoconservatives would succeed in turning the … Continue reading “A Holocaust in the Making”

America Versus the World

Do you want to know why President George W. Bush’s focus on the war against terror was redirected to war against Iraq and the Muslim Middle East? Read Professor Claes G. Ryn’s new book, America the Virtuous: Crisis of Democracy and the Quest for Empire. Ryn is a learned, insightful and courageous scholar who ably … Continue reading “America Versus the World”

A Hegemon No More

A child born in America today is $124,000 in debt the moment he draws his first breath. The newborn’s inherited debt grows daily. Upon reaching working age, an enormous debt awaits. How does a newborn get into debt prior to having a mortgage, credit card and car payment? Easy. Government assigns each newborn child a … Continue reading “A Hegemon No More”